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(Kiri pulls back the curtain on the unseen world of guides and how they exist apart and yet are a very great part of our lives. Deaths is explained in detail by the guides at that time so as to make the transition to the waiting period something not to be feared.) 

Skip: okay one question darlin', you say you have been talking to your grandma.

Kiri: yeah.

Skip: all right, has the gentleman that supposed to be my guide come out of training yet? 

(the guide in question was a soul between lives Kiri and Karra's grandmother identified as as coming to guide Skip in the future)

Kiri: he's doing part-time at the moment. 

Skip: okay.

Kiri: so when you feel that nudge or that thought or that suggestion that pops into your mind, which I think you had from time to time recently right?

Skip: yeah I believe so.

Kiri: yeah that's him guiding......

Skip: okay.

Kiri: but he is still doing training at what would be the word? He would be doing on-the-job training for a few hours a week?

Skip: okay alright that's fine, that's fine. I was just curious okay?

Kiri: yeah from what my grandmother explained to me is that when you're in that state and you're doing the learning necessary to be a guide, part of it is that you spend a lot of times on the spiritual plane talking with other people that are guides, that are about to be guides, that have been guides. They all get together and they learn from each other and and then they look at individual situations and then they go off and do a little bit of work with the person that they're intended to be a guide for. Normally that there's another guide to help them, to guide them, so the guide's being guided.

Laura: sort of a mentor?

Kiri: yes.

Skip: on-the-job training......

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: on-the-job training.

Kiri: so that that they normally ease into it gently. In this case it's a little different due to the fact of that you don't have any until now......

Skip: yes.

Kiri: and the guiding is part of the process. Now there is another kind of guide which is a guide from love and they're normally things like spouses, parents, very close friends and they don't need the on-the-job training because they know the person intimately, mentally, sometimes physically and they do a lot of their own kind of guiding and pushing in the correct direction or the direction that they perceive is correct. Now the important thing to remember is that guides do it from their point of view and try to analyze what is best for you even though it is their point of view. 

Skip: yeah. 

Kiri: so that's something very important to understand is that when they're pushing you in that direction, they are guiding you to what they think is the best goal, not what is actually the best goal but what they perceive is the best goal for you. So therefore mistakes do happen, errors do happen and both parties learn. Part of the process and that is the learning process for both the guide and the individual being guided. 

Skip: okay.