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"Basically what the webpage is, is a bright light in a dark gloom."


Greetings from both Karra and myself.

   The Hades Base Center for Ascension is a collaboration of many beings from different dimensions sharing knowledge with the goal of it assisting eventually the growth of the human race. It's all done in a non-interference way so that growth can be done by choice when someone is drawn to the knowledge.
The lessons included represent the archives of the recorded channeling sessions lasting between 1992 and 2001. Mark Crocker channeled the teachers you will hear in those sessions and to learn how they came to be, just click on the link below saying "More Info". For the last seven years we have been posting the re-mastered recordings as podcasts and finally came to the decision we had enough archives transcribed that we could now organize it so that someone looking for a specific topic or answer would now be able to find it quickly. Karra and myself have also been able to edit the selected lessons to focus on just what is being taught without the discussions that belonged to another subject or felt it wasn't relevant to the topic being discussed.   

   All the instructors who channeled the lessons here at the center except Tia have already ascended beyond the third dimension and are therefore in the best position to assist those looking to achieve that goal. Each of them are members of Ashtar Command stationed on a base on Mars who have a mission to teach us that we can join them on their dimension if that is our goal. This will be a constantly expanding resource of information that will grow as more channeling sessions are released as podcasts. From those the lessons will be cut out of each and added to whatever subject has been discussed. In the end, ascension is the goal and the Center for Ascension is not the only way to get there. A wide range of study is encouraged in subjects that the individual is drawn to explore in more detail. As has been brought up in several channeling sessions, the knowledge provided by Ashtar Command is a framework to build upon. Karra and myself are just happy to provide a few nuts and bolts.   

Russ and Karra

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