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"Okay, only one of these roads leads in the right way, we’ve got to point them without interfering to the one that leads down the right road."


Greetings in love, light and wisdom as one.

   Welcome to the path which leads to the pathway, so named because there is no single path to ascension and this is just one possible pathway towards achieving that goal. Several pathways of studies of spiritual belief are recommended to create an individual path to the next dimension. Similarly, there is no set form of study on the pathway. We have provided handy links to take you from one end to the other but encourage you to skip sections if you feel no connection to the material. The subjects making up the steps of the pathway do not not include all the topics covered in each one. The topics that have been included have been chosen for their content, sound quality and importance with linking up to other topics among the various subjects.

   There will be cases where topics are repeated in some places though this has been prevented for the most part. Those instances where they have been added is because their reintroduction is important for that part of the pathway. We would suggest that if time is not of the essence, the "Home" link above provides a full number of topics in a subject instead of just the selected topics of the pathway to provide a richer learning experience. The goal of the path is simple, through a series of specially selected lessons from channeling sessions with higher dimensional beings will come examples of how others think and live in the higher dimensions. Translating that into third dimensional thoughts and actions may, along with life's lessons, lead to an eventual ascension. Lastly, the pathway will be constantly expanding with new material so please, enjoy the steps laid out with each being possibly another step in your own personal growth as they have been in ours.

Russ and Karra         

The Pathway