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Channeled imge OMAL

 Omal is the commander of Hades Base and also the lead instructor with a knowledge of any subject asked of him. As a seventh dimensional being, he is someone with infinite patience and wisdom. He started his teaching of us back in 1988 through an original channeler in Sedona Arizona before picking up where he left off when he again channeled to us through Mark Crocker. His home planet no longer exists and his age is ancient. His main skill is manifestation and is able to manipulate energy to a point where it manifests in a physical form as in one session where it affected the tape in the recorder being used at the time.

Karra is the teacher who covers all things healing and is the sister of Kiri. She was originally a healer on Hades Base who was elevated to ambassador from Sirius to Hades Base by her father, the president of Sirius. She is sixth dimensional and earlier in her life had been a member of the Sirian Defense Force as a medic. Missions therefore took place in the third dimension on the sister worlds of Sirius where they were helping the beings on the planet on their path to ascension. During one mission her soul mate and fellow medic was killed while treating one of the injured causing much heartache for her. 

Kiri is the fun-loving, younger sister of Karra and our resident teacher of coercion. Also sixth dimensional, she is one of the base engineers who enlightens us on all things technical she describes of the technology of a higher dimension. She is a triple soul to both Tia and Mark Crocker and is also the mother of Leonedies along with Mark as his father. She is a master coercer who demonstrated her skill on the third dimensional guests of the sessions several times. Her teachings include ways to avoid being coerced and what to do when one recognizes they are being manipulated by others.  

Tia is the third dimensional member of the instructors and the main ring mistress for most of the channeling sessions. She is a team leader in the data analysis department of Hades Base that reviews the news of our world to forecast possible futures for humanity. She therefore usually covers the happenings on Earth during the times she channels but is also the teacher of astral projection skills at other times. Her arrival on the base is a long and complicated one but happened when she tried a dimension jump from her home planet of Durondedunn and came close to dying. She was cloned, educated and sent to Hades Base based on her Akashic Records.

Ashtar is the head of Ashtar Command and is also the person who keeps the channeling sessions on track even though his personal times channeling are few and far between. He is an eighth dimensional being whose visits were usually short and always to the point. It was under his supervision the channeling sessions were held and when they got a bit out of hand it would be Ashtar who would remind us of the seriousness of our purpose. The Harmony Conference was one of the results of that purpose that was proposed to unite the various races of the galaxy interacting with our planet in a series of talks that would hopefully lead to a mutual understanding between them all.

Korton is head of communications for Ashtar Command and was another of the original teachers from Sedona and like Omal is also seventh dimensional. He too has a limited number of times he has channeled but usually when he did, the subjects would revolve around the topic of communication. His focus was normally on how to improve our skills in that area though he also would talk about history such as during the sinking of Atlantis. An interest of his in old computers comes up at times and is just one of the fascinating subjects he brings to the table.

Sananda is the ultimate teacher. We know him in the past as Jesus of the Bible and after his crucifixion he ascended back to a higher dimension. We know him now as a tenth dimensional being who is over Ashtar in decisions for Ashtar Command and leader of the Grand Council of the Brotherhood of Light. Normally he will channel ten years apart for groups but we were blessed with two visits in a two year period though one is posted in the archives. Of the two times he channeled, he demonstrated exactly what the disciples of the Bible saw then and why some left everything to follow him. If there is a head of the faculty, there is no question of who that would be.  

Monka is the Ashtar Command historian as he's called himself and so a valuable source of information during the rare times he was available to channel. He, like Ashtar, is eighth dimensional and due to the importance of the Harmony Conference he was usually present when any of the channeling sessions had distinguished members of Ashtar Command to help plan how it would proceed. He also is a communicator and his input would revolve around the technological requirements needed for the conference as well as the future needs that would be possible. 

Lyka is a captain in the Sirian Defense Force which is a group who go from from the sixth dimension to the third dimensional sister worlds of Sirius to assist them in their striving to ascend but are being blocked from doing so by a dominating opposition. Their commitment to their membership can run from thee hundred to five hundred years as Lyka's commitment was. She was also a three-time champion for the base ski races held between Sirius, Alpha Centauri and Hades Base. For this image Lyka choose a dress over her normal captain's uniform due to her love of dresses. 

Bunny is the stage name of Huna, sister of Leah who ,during the times of the channeling sessions, was a college student on Sirius and star of many adult hologram features. Her times channeling were some of the most memorable for their hilarious forays into her life as an entertainer. While she was sixth dimensional, she was also a sub-super operant with phenomenal skills at probing minds by getting through their shields. Like her great, great, great and so on uncle Treebeard, she could know more about what the questioner was thinking then they did. From her we also get a view of life on Sirius from someone very open about talking about her life.

Treebeard is the base gardener who is both over 800 years old and uncle to Bunny many generations over. His age made him a bit old fashioned so he never took on English as a second language as most of the others did. As a result, he uses a broken form of English that's understandable but slow in his forming of his sentences. His advanced age gave him some advantages in his answers where he is able to tell us about his favorite subjects, devas and trees. His knowledge of the unseen world was a treasure we were able to enrich ourselves from many a time.

Leah is Bunny's sister and an aspiring engineer still in college on Sirius during the channeling sessions so we only saw her when she was on break. Her conversations were centered on her studies at school and on one of the major events to take place during the channelings. She and Lyka became the mothers of a very special child who had only female genes and the process became an important part of learning of the genetic expertise of those on Hades Base. She was also a valuable source of information on Sirian family life.    

Wing Commander Taal was originally Flight Leader Taal before his promotion and was one of the Blue Guys or base pilots. That means he was on the front lines in protecting Earth from third dimensional races like the Zeta Reticuli from abductions. Thanks to pilots like himself and The Baron, another pilot, we get a rare look at how our planet is protected from a group separate from Ashtar Command. He's an ace who flies one of base ship in a symbiotic relationship to it where the ship and he act and work as one. His duty is to interdict any UFO's with humans on board and we have a number number of his successful missions in the archives.

Leonedies is one of the most fascinating of those who channeled during the sessions since at the time of his first channeling he was three years old. What we were to discover was that not only was he a super operant, he was also an eighth dimensional being in a sixth dimensional body. As a super operant, he was a master of all five of the abilities and had a perfect recall of his previous lives. It was a trick to remember was only three when what he said had the experience of someone like Ashtar. His times channeling were all memorable for their heavy content. We were fortunate to be honored by his presence and that he chose to share his knowledge with us.

The Surf Monk is a memorable character with only a single time channeling while he was visiting the base during a break from his university on Sirius. His studies there were on our planet and his visit was part of the research for his class. Unusual from the normal speakers in that he lived on the beach life on Sirius and enjoyed the surf culture with its unique expressions. From him we learn about the telepathy taking place in the open and how dolphins on Sirius share important information a surfer could find very helpful also through the use of telepathy.

Alana is the daughter of Karra and is also one of the base scientists who study the pod of Sirian dolphins as well as the pod of Earth dolphins who had agreed to be a part of their studies. She would often be found on a sailboat on Dolphin Lake or underwater working on establishing communication with them besides just the telepathic form they had been using. She was the expert in all things cetaceans and was also able to fill us in on other species of whales and dolphins throughout the galaxy. She was a symbol of love and all of her chat were from the heart and touched the heart of all who love the seas and its creatures.

The Baron wasn't with us long as he died before the channeling sessions did but the reason for his passing was due to his being one the oldest of the pilots who channeled. He had been facing retirement after having been assigned to this planet back during the first World War. While assigned to the base back then, he found inspiration for adopting a style he maintained into his reassignment on the base during the time the sessions ran. The inspiration he found was in that of The Red Baron so the ship he flew as part of the pilots on the base was always red. He was an ace many times over and his loss during a mission was felt by all of us.

Tanaka, president of Sirius, is also the father of both Karra and Kiri. He had only a few times in the channeling field when visiting the base and all reflected the gravity of his office except when he was just being dad. His former bondmate who was the mother of Karra and Kiri had died during a time when she was an engineer on one of the transport ships which had a disaster happen she was able to avert but at the cost of her life. Her name was Miranda who eventually reincarnated as the daughter of Alana. In between that he found love again in form of an awesome individual named Kristie Gorozky though she went by the nickname of Gonzo..

Nazreal is Karra's son and also helps out with the base pilots as a search and rescue pilot who was also instrumental in bringing the dolphin pod in from Earth who had agreed to join the pod of Sirian dolphins on the base for the communication research she did. He has a bondmate named Marta and between the two of them are able to shed light on a side of the base pilots other than just those who flew the ships with weapons. When I was in training with him during the channeling sessions in my astral form, we would go through practice rescues and asked for my help when the dolphins were brought form Earth.
Katrina KATRINA (Translated by Kiri.)

Katrina is the bondmate of Taal and mother of their son. Like Taal, is one of the pilots on the base who when we met her served in the frontline squadrons of the base ships. During one mission where she made ace, she ended up with a wound that put her out of action for a while and then to an assignment as a shuttle pilot. The sector she was primarily assigned was over Russia and so he secondary language after Sirian was Russian. As a result, Kiri would act as an interpreter where she would give the questions to her in Sirian and give us the answers back in English.

Ashtar-Athena spoke only once throughout the archives but what time she used to share her wisdom was memorable for the light of her presence. Hearing this member of the Sisterhood of Light and the Council of 12 is to hear from an ethereal being. She is eighth dimensional and a being of light who demonstrates in every word spoken that she has thought long and hard on the purpose of the Conference. The gravity of what was being initiated was best represented by her words to those who would be participating.