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(A discussion on the flying wing being planned for a model being built by Mark and Skip opened up a discussion on the engineering feats of the Third Reich. That brings up personal stories from our guest Skip who saw some of what was confiscated.) 

Skip: sweetheart?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: I got a question to ask you. Mark and myself have kind of come up with an idea of a model flying wing.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: what has transpired on that last?

Kiri: I have a whole set of plans and everything all designed of several different wings.

Russ: and a prototype.

Kiri: and a prototype yes.

Skip: right, what are we doing?

Kiri: I think Mark needs to focus. Has anybody seen the new X-33 design?

Russ: uh-huh.

Skip: no I haven’t.

Kiri: it’s interesting isn’t it? It’s not a new design…

Russ: no it’s an old design.

Kiri: you know how old it is?

Russ: it's millions of years old.

Kiri: no but on your planet?

Russ: oh well yeah.

Skip: what is it?

Russ: it’s the new space shuttle for the next century.

Skip: oh okay, I haven’t seen or heard of it.

Kiri: do you know when it first was designed?

Russ: hmm?

Kiri: it was designed back in 1943.

John: an original Earth design?

Kiri: well it’s not an original Earth design but it is close to an original design.

Skip: built by the Germans?

Kiri: yeah, uh-huh.

Skip: that would be the logical conclusion…….

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: because they come up rockets and everything else in ‘43.

Kiri: uh-huh and the thing was that all the testing and everything that they’ve been doing is retesting which to me strikes me as a total waste but unfortunately they had to do it that way due to the fact that all the documents relating to the tests that the Germans did were destroyed.

Skip: oh okay.

Kiri: and what few ones that there were ended up in the Russian's hands and they weren’t complete.

Skip: and they weren't conclusive.

Kiri: that’s right.

Skip: okay.

Kiri: the Germans could have had it operational I should say by 1950. That particular design could’ve been operational and active in 1950 if the Germans had of been allowed to pursue it.

Skip: well the same thing goes for machinery.

Kiri: oh yeah.

Skip: I worked on machinery in ‘52 that were confiscated from Europe……

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: in 1945 and shipped to the United States.

Kiri: Mark was working with computers in the Army I believe that were compatible or comparable to the computers that Russ now has on his desktop apart from the drive units were about the size of your Subaru.

Skip: yeah, yeah, I remember the first what they called ultimate computer that they had in some University…..

Kiri: yeah.

Skip: it took up the whole basement.

Kiri: uh-huh. But…..

Skip: it was huge.

Kiri: yeah but the power of the computers that Mark was using in the military were comparable easily to the computers that Russ is using but it took much more space.

Skip: uh-huh.

Kiri: now the interesting thing is now, what is the military using? And our resident expert knows already what they’re using.

John: will he tell us?

Russ: her.

Kiri: her, yes her (Tia).

Skip: I still want to know where we’re at with this wing.

Kiri: okay back to the wing, back to the wing.

Skip: not just a minute, just a minute, I understand that you got several plans up there and a prototype. 

Kiri: I got a job for Russ. Russ, tell Mark on Friday that he has to go down to the hobby shop.