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(Tia launches into a long dissertation and discussion on what factors are used to gauge the planet’s level of well-being. Besides the stock market there is the media who she says doesn’t do a good enough job showing what aliens types are out in our galaxy. To make her point she list all the ones we’re familiar with and a bunch more that are rather surprising.) 

Russ: all right, concerning the steps necessary towards getting to the sixth dimension, you were discussing with Mark those various techniques......

Leonedies: oh that, yes.

Russ: or attributes.......

Real: uh-huh.

Russ: I believe would be the proper terminology for that. First off I believe you were discussing with him emotions.....

Leonedies: uh-huh.

Russ: and the control of emotions in being an attribute toward a sixth dimensional consciousness. Perhaps you could elaborate a little bit on that for me.

Leonedies: okay emotional control, first of all I will make a few comments concerning emotional control. Emotional control on higher spiritual levels is not always total. There is an example that I can think of where my bodily functions at a younger age caused me to make a mess in my underwear and I lost my patience with that, that is an emotional response. Even though I’m a eighth dimensional being inhabiting a sixth dimensional body, I am not devoid of emotions. In fact I have two sets of emotions, I have a sixth dimensional response and an eighth dimensional response, controlling those emotions and using them in a beneficial way is the key. For example, let us take a emotional reaction from an esteemed colleague of mine Ashtar and the sound of annoyance in his voice. That emotional response is used as a tool, a tool to make you realize that, “oh, we’ve done something wrong.” On a higher level speaking as an eighth dimensional being, emotions don’t play a stronger role unless we're acting as teachers to lower dimensions. When we act as teachers we have to use those emotions to help bring up their level to a higher spiritual level. When Ashtar acts in a way that is seemingly to the point blunt, almost hostile, it is to get your attention and to make you think. Even though he does not have the actual, emotional behavioral pattern, he is using the emotion as a tool not for his benefit but for your benefit. By pausing and looking within ourselves, what would take you 20, 30, 40 minutes to analyze takes us a mere microsecond that I can dwell and think upon an emotional response to a situation if you’re sitting there acting as if you’re bored, I can suddenly without warning change my tone, my look and you must pay attention. And in doing so, my body language changes and I become much more aggressive or much more placid depending on the situation. I can go from in a mere heartbeat to a very mellow or very to the point or to explain better by using those different emotions, those different tones, different reactions gets your attention depending on the situation.

Russ: uh-huh.

Leonedies: also, using other tools available to me I can generate certain vibrational frequencies or emotions within your air to either open you or close you to make you feel that I am probing, attacking, giving off energy directed at your shields when in actual fact I’m not.

Russ: right.

Leonedies: but the examples that I’ve just given you with the emotional responses are a demonstration. When you think I have probed your shields, I have not half the time but by generating the energy as if I were puts you in a lesson where you are more easier to learn. So emotional control is not only suppressing them but learning how to use them. As my father told me this morning, you guys were discussing emotional responses of traumatic departures.

Russ: correct.

Leonedies: my father made the comment that it is not so much the nature of the passing but the event and the situation that makes it occur. For example, my, he would be uncle? Yes my uncle on a sixth dimensional existence passed in a way that because of the life of Sirians, the way that they live such a beautiful life, was totally horrific. Even though my auntie had seen far worse passings, those were just as traumatic but they didn’t stay with her due to the fact that her emotional status was very unbalanced because of her gender. She was aware that she had conceived the night before and it was more anger and traumatic……..I think I’ve just made a mistake……oh well…..

Russ: oh yeah, I’d say.

Leonedies: what do you mean by that?

Russ: I'm not even sure where we're going with that.

Leonedies: it was Alana.

Russ: yeah I know that part but.......

Leonedies: uh-huh.

Russ: what about your uncle, which uncle was that?

Leonedies: that was Karra’s soulmate.

Russ: okay.

Leonedies: I never knew him.

Russ: ahh.

Leonedies: but because I’m of that family, the family Tanaka or my current genes are.......personally I prefer something like Levi’s as opposed to Wranglers...(sighs)...I still don’t understand your humor.

Russ: no, you’re getting there.

Leonedies: never. Karra was aware that she had conceived, that’s what they wanted. From what I’ve learned, not by probing, she was still in a very heightened stage of spiritual, sexual awareness and it was very traumatic that suddenly boom, the person that she wanted to father her child and fathering is not just the action, the mating, it is much more than that as you will find out. It is a continuation that goes on for many, many years.

Russ: hmm okay.

Leonedies: but her emotional status is a prime example, prime example of a sixth dimensional, spiritual state. She was so emotionally heightened that her spiritual state was so…..I’m glad that she’s decided to open up for me to explain it easier…..she was in such a heightened, spiritual, sexual state which is a very emotional state that the shock of seeing her loved one blown away and the mind reaching out trying to grasp the departing spiritual form and not being able to contact or connect properly as would normally be done on a physical, leaves a very deep, emotional scar, very deep.

Russ: okay.

Leonedies: another example I’m……

Russ: good point though, thank you, that clears up a lot.

Leonedies: uh-huh. You see it’s a very spiritual state, very spiritual state and a very emotional state.