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(Omal discusses how some events are predestined prior to birth in the waiting period which are inevitable and cannot be avoided. It’s how we handle them that shapes us from all the possibilities presented whenever a choice presents itself.) 

Omal: okay, let us address Karra's off the record answer to do with the pathways in pre-destined events. Certain events are predestined but they occur and are planned in the period between death and rebirth. That for example, you need to learn how to interact with someone. A situation is set up where it is necessary to struggle for the lesson to be learned, to overcome that lesson and if it is not overcome in this life, then you have to do it all over again until you do get it right. A good example of pre-destiny is a entertainment called "Groundhog...."?

Russ: "Groundhog Day".

Omal: "Groundhog Day".

Ann: uh-huh.

Omal: and life can be looked at like that. There are a lot of little things that interact, little events that occur that don't seem important and the majority of them aren't. There are certain events that are predestined that you plan in that waiting period that you cannot change and it is a matter of learning to overcome the pain. For example I believe in the entertainment there is an old gentleman that the weather person that is going through the same day over and over again tries to help, tries to stop him from dying. What he has to learn is not that he can save this person but the fact that it's necessary, that there are some things that you cannot change. But these predestined events are planned in such a way that they give you options for change. For example, buying a new jacket, a nice leather jacket. The option is to buy whichever color that they happen to have there, let us say that they have a red, a white and a blue one. You have four possibilities. You have a short jacket, a knee length jacket or an ankle length jacket. So you have nine different possibilities and options and key events are like that, you have certain ways that you can handle the event. Let us say that you are in a environment where you meet somebody and you disagree with them, you have several different ways to deal with the problem. For example, you can deal with it by brushing it off, you can deal with it by addressing the situation and discussing it rationally or irrationally or ignoring it, arguing about it, getting emotional, not getting emotional. Making the person understand from your point of view, understanding from their point of view. There are many different possibilities and those events are designed on the path of life for you to analyze and look at the options and select the correct option that feels right, that causes the best effect for not only yourself, but for the person involved.