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(Ashtar paints a picture of the future and what is needed to continue the evolutionary path we are on. To do so, he explained it may be necessary to expand to other areas in the United States to pass on the information and form groups in support of that goal.) 

Ashtar: greetings and felicitations and welcome. Let us get down to the communication, the eloquence of the communication of tonight's speak. We will address certain matters, upcoming events which concern you all. It has come to my attention that your stock market has gone from a bull market to a bear market. This has been predicted in our predictions by our by our resident prognosticator (Tia). The information that is relayed for this purpose is for your understanding for your decisions to make. The potential that is to occur is A, an economic depression with all that entails, B, unrest and strife relating to said market activity, C, civil disobedience relating in an indirect way to the governmental activities, D, governmental activities of an illegal nature concerning certain activities in monetary gathering, E, the outcome of certain investigations. Let us address E first. The outcome of these investigations will get certain key actions to occur. Possible resigning of said leader of country, possible resignation of Vice President, definite non-re-electable ability of Vice President, investigation into other activities concerning certain supposed suicides, investigations into certain monetary gains of individuals, namely Whitewater will be reopened. Okay, let us look at other fields of information to watch. The stock market activity on the computer, the Dow index, watch that, that is not as important as the Russell 2000 or the NASDAQ 400. Those are things to be watched. The NASDAQ, the Russell index and other indexes. Link those with the current activity on the Dow market and you will be able to project when and where this event will occur. How to do this is done by watching the increase and decrease in the activities in those areas. Also of areas to look into is the growth in technologies. IBM is a good company to watch. McIntosh is already showing signs of wear. Computer engineering, it has been brought to my attention that there is certain rivalry, this is irrelevant. Each computer has its specific duty and function for the upcoming problems. Traveling great distances, this is being looked into. This is for release of information. This has a very important role into preparing other areas. That is why all three of you are present. The traveling of individuals to other parts of your planet is necessary for the release of information but, done carefully and in such a way that it does not sound as if it is doomsaying. The future that comes after this event of the crash and the economic problems that follow and the civil problems and the governmental problems is a preparation for the final outcome of preparation for the next evolutionary stage. That is why it is important to give out this information in other areas of your planet. Not just through your Internet, not everybody has access to your Internet. So it is necessary for individuals to embark on probably one of the hardest parts of their life. The difficulty that has been occurring at this time is preparation for the hardness to come. Certain substances will have to be given up to keep enlightenment and knowledge focused. Those substances will be decided by the individual and will be discarded at the appropriate time. There is other also medical matters that need to be addressed relating to certain substances. These substances have helped in the past and now have become a very un-useful tool, a hindrance but the learning from those hindrances are now going to pay dividends. The advancement of the local mind in the areas that individuals travel to will be done slowly and surreptitiously using the intelligence of that individual or individuals and being able to release the information in a way that is a credit to themselves and to others. The phrase, "I am a simple individual" is an understatement. The individual or individuals that do the traveling do not give themselves enough credit. Credit will be returned in the future. Any questions? Let us start off with the young man at the far end.

John: is the photon cloud have any effect on all this?

Ashtar: the photon cloud is irrelevant in this matter.

John: okay.

Ashtar: young lady.

Karen: when you're saying substances, does that mean all drugs, all smoking, all everything else?

Ashtar: that is self-evident. Young man.

Russ: okay, on the Internet front, working with other groups to increase the knowledge though people aren't are all hooked up, we are being asked to join somebody from the one of the ships, Starship Athena.

Ashtar: uh-huh.

Russ: apparently they have a chat channel and there's lots of things with workers and light seekers or light workers and star seeds and walk-ins and they're all joining together aboard this one, well on the Starship Athena. I'm not sure if it's a page or just something and we're being asked to link up to it and it comes from Commander Aleon?

Ashtar: yes, I'm aware of Aleon.

Russ: okay and apparently this is a channeled kind of thing to us in particular because we are also working with Ashtar Command and so they are trying to bring all the Ashtar Command workers together.

Ashtar: not just Ashtar Command workers. It has been discussed by you and the channel host body that it would be useful to bring individuals together from other groups.

Russ: right.

Ashtar: this is part of that bringing together, proceed.

Russ: ahh, okay thank you.

Ashtar: young man at the end.

John: does it look like we're going to go into a full-scale depression economically?

Ashtar: the potential is there. In your stock market, there are a few people that experienced the crash of '78. There are a few people more than experienced the crash of '78 which I would estimate to be 1% of all people that give advice. The crash of '88 is going to be minor compared to what is the potential to come. It is necessary to watch and analyze what is going on. Young lady.

Karen: you said join all groups. Is that, I mean you were talking about groups from other planets like Russ was saying but does that mean groups that we have gathered ourselves individually?

Ashtar: individually yes but the time will become self-evident when it is necessary to bring your associates together. The time will as I said be self-evident but the preparation in advance is also necessary. You will decide what that preparation is. Young man at this end.

Russ: yes I'm taking a long trip coming up here to Cancun Mexico and would this be an appropriate place to also spread this information then?

Ashtar: that is your decision. It depends on whether it is recreational, spiritual, business or all three. The potential for passing information on is all around you. I will give a brief dissertation and then final questions from each of you. Concerning spiritual groups and individuals around you. It is necessary to focus them into their particular abilities. The advancement that each of you teachers have is necessary for your spiritual growth as well as your associates and comrades. The development of the associate minds around you will be able to formulate a group that if you all split up, you will have the ability to form your own groups that will be able to work with other groups of former associates. For example, Mr. (Ed notes: name edited), if you form a group, it will be capable with the teachings that have been laid down to interact with individuals of Miss (Ed notes: name edited) group and in turn, your two groups will be able to interact with Mr. Hatfield's group and vice versa. The development of those groups are important even if you are all in close proximity, your associates and comrades may not be aware of each other but, the time will come where individuals from each group may interact with individuals from each other group so therefore they will be able to use meta-concert trainings, shield trainings altogether without having to say, "how do you do yours?" It will be automatic and they will be able to work together in those meta-concert's as a team regardless if they are from the state of New York, the state of California, Oregon or Washington or Idaho or Arizona. All those groups will be able to work together as a team. Other individuals that are not present tonight that would've been desirable to have present in the state of Nevada will also be instructed in the final stages and preparation for the upcoming event. They themselves will formulate groups in those areas. Last question starting at the far end again with the young man.

John: do you foresee a lot of militia and military type activity being associated with this economic depression we're going into?

Ashtar: not so much military but militia-like activity of individuals on a more of a economic system. Young lady.

Karen: I'm kind of at a loss for words right now.

Ashtar: young man.

Russ: okay so when I........I'll be putting this message on the webpage and it's essentially then a spiritual call to arms.

Ashtar: not a call to arms, we are a peaceful organization.

Russ: well......

Ashtar: it is a spiritual call to mental activity.

Russ: correct, it is what I meant, sorry.

Ashtar: thank you.

Russ: goodbye.

John: thank you.

Karen: thank you.