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(Omal talks about the spiritual growth you get from being in a particular area and why it is you either feel good about being there or uncomfortable in that spot. It all has to do with the vibrational frequency of an area and whether your nature fits that frequency.) 

Omal: next questions please.

Russ: go ahead guys.

Omal: let me pick somebody at random.

Skip: whoops.

Omal: in the middle.

(everyone laughs)

Skip: no that’s you.

Bonnie: no honey, that's you.

Omal: on the seat of three in the middle.

Bonnie: oh.....oh I see. Well I was asking Tia about Oklahoma, I was going to go to Oklahoma, my children are there, my grandchildren are there….

Omal: uh-huh.

Bonnie: and I was just wondering if it's a good move, good for my business…..

Omal: what nation are they?

Bonnie: Indian nation.

Omal: yes but which one? I believe there are many different….

Bonnie: while there’s 64 nations there, it's Cherokee mostly.

Omal: yes, very spiritual race if my memory serves me correct.

Bonnie: right, very much yes.

(the phone rings but the conversation has been removed)

Omal: okay, let us continue. Yes it is, it is a spiritual growth which you may find useful. As Tia stated, we cannot say whether you should or you shouldn’t but it is necessary to realize that a spiritual growth is something that will lead to other things. I believe it is in a open area where there is a lot of flat lands?

Bonnie: yes, very flat lands.

Omal: yes, at one time that was part of an inland sea, I should say approximately 80,000 of your years ago.

Bonnie: hmm.

Omal: so there are lots of interesting things and energies that have been deposited by water which is why your particular nation is attracted to that area.

Bonnie: uh-huh.

Omal: so it is necessary to feel the energy that when you go back there......

Bonnie: I do feel it when I go back there......well besides that I enjoy the people more.

Omal: yes they are……well it is your family.

Bonnie: oh yes.

Omal: yes and it is a feeling of being at one with the land.

Bonnie: yes.

Omal: it is something that the particular races of that area have an affinity for is protecting their land......

Bonnie: uh-huh.

Omal: and the land is very key and important to them.

Bonnie: uh-huh.

Omal: you not being of a race that was descended or a nation that was descended from a mountainous area, you tend to feel a little bit at loss in an area that is mountainous.

Bonnie: uh-huh.

Omal: you feel trapped and restricted by having so many trees. This in itself can manifest itself in other ways, ways that are negative, the fear of being trapped within, sometimes people will seek a retreat. Once you are back in an area where you can spiritually develop as you are supposed to, then you become more even and maintain a level keel and therefore are not attracted to the negative sides of life as it were. You do not look for a retreat from what is, you tend to be able to look more towards it and go, “okay, I do not need to retreat, I can stand here and let it come on and experience and feel the manifestations and the power of the ground." That I see as good but also being able to overcome these fears and retreating within yourself from the fears of the trees and the mountains and an area that you’re not familiar with.

Bonnie: hmmm, thank you.

Omal: you’re welcome. Next, or do I have to pick a victim?

Bonnie: pick a victim, pick him over here, Larry?

Omal: I believe you want to talk to somebody on a technical nature correct?

Bonnie: yes, that’s him.

Larry: you’re speaking to me?

Omal: yes correct.

Larry: not necessarily. I do believe however that what I would like to have you do is expand on the differences if you will between your perception of, for instance in Bonnie’s case, the differences between mountainous areas and flatland areas and what you would perceive as relates to my perception of that or my acceptance of that.

Omal: okay the mountainous area I’m referring to is obviously this area here within the limits of the Sierra Madre’s, is that correct, the correct name of the mountains?

John: Si.
Larry: that’s the correct name.

Skip: yep.

Omal: and the Bitterroot Mountains, from those over there to the far ones over…..that have the fault system that runs underneath of the Carson Valley and up. Sometimes people have a difficulty with the spiritual nature of such a different vibrational frequency. It is like on an oscilloscope, you have a low-frequency that has deep troughs and then you have a very high frequency that is very short, sharp troughs that are almost a flat line. Now the spiritual nature of somebody that is born and raised in a flat area is that of a very high frequency that has very few troughs and valleys, very much like the area that they're born in.

Larry: uh-huh.

Omal: somebody that has very deep troughs and very deep spiritual vibrations have as the surrounding area high peaks and low peaks of great depth. A spiritual difference makes it hard for a person to adjust to an area. Some people do it very well, others do not. This occurs because the spiritual development is difficult sometimes, they have lessons that they need to learn to overcome within the areas that they send themselves to such as this area and I believe Bonnie has had some difficulties adjusting in the past.

Larry: uh-huh.

Omal: how this relates to you, I believe you are from an area that is in a valley bowl to the South of here I believe or Southeast......Southwest.

Larry: uh-huh.

Omal: and you have a I would say more of a spiritual level that is flat but rises up at the end of the note so it is more of a gradual climb like the area that you were raised in.

Larry: uh-huh.

Omal: so you have the ability to be able to adjust to whatever surroundings you are in and this can be used to help other people that have either a low vibrational frequency or a high vibrational frequency. And the fact that you have both low going towards high or the opposite way around sorry, high going towards low with the deep troughs and the high peaks means that it is easier for you to match and adjust your soul notes. I believe in the past we have discussed soul notes and being able to match. Larry has the ability because of his variation in soul notes to do this so it is helpful to be able to direct somebody by using your adjustments in soul notes to match theirs.

Larry: thank you.

Omal: you’re welcome, Skip?

Skip: yes, I’ve got a problem.......quit.

(Bonnie had been poking him)

Omal: yes I see your problem.

(everybody laughs)

Bonnie: now, now.

Skip: I don’t know if I was born in the flatlands or in the mountain but I know I was raised between the flatlands and the mountains.

Omal: Idaho I believe, correct?

Skip: no, no Montana.

Omal: Montana.

Skip: part of it, the other part was Midwest Ohio and that’s flatland right down to the ground.

Omal: yes, it doesn’t quite go down to sea level I believe.

Skip: not quite but it’s pretty close.

Omal: the Montana Badlands springs to mind for some reason.

Skip: no it’s in the Rocky Mountains….

Omal: ahh, you would be from the area that is called I cannot think of its name but it’s very high, craggy peaks........Russ?

Russ: Cascades?

Omal: no not the Cascades.

Skip: no it’s the Rocky Mountains Omal.

Omal: yes but there is a particular area that is…

Russ: the Great Divide?

Omal: no, it is not quite the Great Divide. Oh well nevermind, it will come to me. But the fact that you have spent so much time in this area would give you a clue with your deductive ability. It is not as quite as craggy and pinnacally as the young mountains that are rising in that area.

Skip: well I’ve always made the comment, ”I’d rather shovel snow than cut grass.”

Omal: what does that tell you?

Skip: I like the mountains better than I do the flatlands.

Omal: which tells you what?

Skip: I don’t know, I'm comfortable here.

Omal: the vibrational frequencies, you have that deep note vibrational frequency which leads me to believe that you are more comfortable in this environment.

Skip: uh-huh.

Omal: so therefore you have the vibrational notes of somebody that is born and raised in a mountainous area but there are the tendencies in there for the lower troughs as well which makes me think that it wasn’t as bigger peaks and troughs, it may have been in the foothills of that area. Does that help?

Skip: yeah, thank you.