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(Omal has a great answer to a question on making a move to a new location and how it might impact the person. He uses the Manhattan Project as an analogy of what change can or cannot be like. The scientists at the time were not completely sure that the resulting chain reaction would not destroy the planet.) 

Larry: if I were to make a major move in my life, could I presume that the result of a major move in my life could be extremely positive?

Omal: yes there is that potential, it depends on how major. Sometimes the necessary upheaval for a major change in itself is an experience that is a learning experience which will throw you on a path that at first will seem wrong and bad and things will not go according to plan because you are not fully adjusted to such a radical change but over a period of time, the necessary struggle in the early stages, the difficulties and so on would make you stronger if you stick to the path. If you say to yourself, “this is too hard, I cannot do this” and back down, then you have not achieved what you wish to do. People often make the mistake of charging into something and then saying, "this is too hard" and not finishing or following through. Some of the hardest advances or the most wonderful advances needed a lot of work, a lot of trying and trying and trying until they achieved their goal. An example is the Manhattan Project. Up to the first initial test of the atomic bomb, they did not know what the atomic bomb would really do. Whether the chain reaction that would be caused, whether it would stop once the fuel had been expelled or if it would continue and keep on going and use up other fuels creating a nonstop chain reaction. They were pretty certain that that would not happen but they weren’t sure that it would happen. Fortunately it did not happen, obviously everybody is still here and the chain reaction stopped once the fuel had been expended. Making a major change in one’s life is a little bit like that. You do not know for certain what the end results will be but, like the atomic bomb, the end result could be very beneficial if you stick to the path. After all, the atomic bomb has given you electricity, it has given you ways of curing cancers and a major change is like this. From a struggle that is hard and sometimes very difficult, as long as you follow through, it will achieve the goal that you wish. Sometimes better than you wish.

Larry: thank you.