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(Tia does a first where they try some new technology so she is able to channel via holo-disc due to not being able to attend the session in person. In it she goes over her research regarding global warming and has some surprising results from the extensive records she has at her disposal.) 

Tia: okay, let me get down to business as I have limited disc space and I will start by going over certain environmental factors that are going on. We will start off with the increasing activities in the global patterns in the weather systems. There have been numerous storms that recently hit various coastlines and various places on your continental USA. As I’ve stated in the past and many times prior that the effects that are being claimed on global warming are erroneous. These are natural effects, it is just that the timescale that your planet is so used to working on is so wide and these global climate changes can happen very, very fast. These are perfectly normal phenomenon from torrential rains in Texas to extremely torrential rains in places such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize to extreme dry spells again in Texas and other locations. The fact that this is going to be blamed upon global warming is something that needs to be warned about in advance. I know this is going to get up a lot of people and a lot of people will get upset on my claims. These are not claims, these are facts. If you look at your fossil record and tree rings and ice core samples you will see that global changes can and do happen very, very rapidly. Moving along to my next favorite topic, the economic and fiscal oscillations of your stock market. Okay a while back I predicted that it may possibly return back and be above 9,000. We have passed a crucial point, the month of October is normally a very unstable month where in the past, vast stock market crashes have occurred. This was a critical time to watch and it will be again in the next month of October and the one after that. The reasons being is that on your planet they go a lot on tradition on what has happened in the past will happen again in a cyclical motion. So it is again something that is worth stating that your market is in a state of flux and volatility as has been seen in the last couple days. With these stock market activities on a worldwide scale and the fact that donations are being made in the auspices of loans to such countries as the former Soviet Union to help balance and aid their fiscal problems and the fact that gifts are being given again stated as loans such as grain shipments is also something that is of worry. Now moving along to another topic and that is the house elections and the supposed defeat of the Republicans. This is baloney. They weren't defeated, certainly they lost a few seats but they weren't defeated. They did not lose control of the house, if that is a defeat and they're still the majority then I’m confused, very confused but that’s not the point. The point is that the Republican Party is in disarray. They are behaving and I will quote, “in a cannibalistic fashion by eating their own”. Now why would they do such a thing? Well, obviously they have no plan or agenda or a concrete plan and agenda. When they did so well, they had the Contract With America, after that they had nothing so therefore they basically reaped what they sowed. Okay, I’m done.

(Tia exits after saying goodbye in Durondedunn)