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(Omal helps us understand the effects of a magnetic pole shift and weather pattern changes where he points out that there are far more causes for changes in the weather than just those. He makes the point that without the two poles of Earth maintaining the planet's magnetic field, it would be a lifeless rock in space.) 

Omal: okay let us continue with questions........okay last questions.

Skip: no.

Omal: young lady?

Russ: general topics?

Omal: young man? Surely you must have something.

Shane: no.

Omal: Skip?

Skip: no sir.

Russ: all right, we're discussing the weather patterns before we started the channeling session and I wanted to ask you a little bit about that or at least one question on it is, currently they’re working on the fact that weather shifts in our planet's system are either a combination of two things or two things separately. One is the solar flares causing shifts in our weather patterns and the other is a magnetic pole shift which affects the wobble which affects the weather. Is it both of these or combination of the two?

Omal: it is interesting that you bring up the magnetic shift. Okay the magnetic shift has no relevance to the increase in temperature on its own. In conjunction with the activity of the sunspots and the normal motion and movement of the magnetic alignments creates an enhancement in the friction, one having an effect on the other. Independently, if there was not the magnetic pole setup than the solar flares would certainly increase the warmth but not as exponentially as the increase in movement that it generates within the pole if there was a pole. The motion that is occurred is a normal motion that happens and the increase in the solar activity is also a normal increase that occurs. In combination, it generates an increase in temperature because of the friction that is occurring. The effect of transferring the heat to the surrounding area again is a natural phenomenon. However, if there wasn’t either, then your planet would be a cold, useless rock supporting minimal if any life at all. Both are very necessary for existence, both together can be very fatal for human existence or any existence but it is also as much as it can be fatal it is very necessary. And to add to this, it is part of what happens, it is the natural cycle and evolution of a planet. Now if there was no magnetic pole, the core of your planet would cool much more rapidly however with the pulling of the sun's magnetic and gravitational force which affects the poles of your planet means that the movement creates friction and in return of creating friction creates magma and heat so it is very necessary and important. Okay thank you, last questions.......okay you will have to excuse my attempts at humor. Thank you very much, live long, prosper.

Skip: thank you Omal.