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(Karra has some great advice for a guest attending the session with Hepatitis C that is valuable information for anyone suffering from that type of illness. She goes over the various types of Hepatitis and the current efforts being made on this planet to heal that.) 

Karra: okay, I’m here to answer questions. Let me first of all explain about myself and add a few things. Apart from being appointed to the job of ambassador, my main interest is healing, healing not only of a physical nature or a spiritual nature but of a psychological nature as well. Russ has explained what I look like. I am a little bit taller than my little sister but not much, I am definitely a little bit more filled out. I am 87 of your years which puts me at about your age group in my life expectancy. Okay, let me answer questions, preferably on a healing nature.

Russ: well she was talking about how she thinks she’s got hepatitis C?

Linda M: yeah.

Karra: ohhh.

Russ: right and recommended procedures for working with that one.

Karra: okay…..

Russ: I knew you’d want a good challenge tonight and well, here’s a good challenge.

Karra: hmm yes, hepatitis C. First of all you need to have that confirmed.

Linda M: I did have it confirmed.

Karra: okay, okay you definitely cannot drink.

Linda M: I stopped drinking five years ago.

Karra: okay, you need to keep up on the latest data on your planet, they are currently working on a vaccine.

Linda M: good.

Karra: it takes....my estimate probably within the next 2 to 5 years it should be ready however, there are different strains of hepatitis, A,B,C, D and E.

Linda M: I’ve got C.

Karra: yes, I’m just covering those to say that there are other strains. Hepatitis A and B, there is treatment for it. Okay hepatitis C, they are working on it. D, they are still researching and learning and E is the real scary one.

Linda M: that's....okay.

Karra: you know that there are many different ways of transmitting hepatitis?

Linda M: yeah, the one I have is only transmitted through blood.

Karra: uh-huh which is good.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: what you need to do is first of all, probably start prescribing yourself vitamin C….

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: okay, eat healthy, eat frequently but not large quantities. At the moment I suggest that you say forget eating large…..not eating large quantities, eat as you feel that you need to.

Linda M: okay.

Karra: exercise, exercise is very important. By keeping healthy and keeping in shape is very important. Now, I know that you haven’t been told about my pet peeve.

Linda M: no.

Karra: my pet peeve is nicotine.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: due to the fact that with the setup that we now have, I feel the host body around me and my pet peeve is heightened because of what I feel in my chest that I’m experiencing which isn’t my chest, it’s the host’s chest but it feels as if I’m wearing it within my body and I feel its heartbeat, I feel its intestinal bubblings, I feel its fluidity in the mouth, the hoarseness in the throat and the damage done by the nicotine.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: at the moment I would not concern yourself with quitting that addiction as it is a replacement at the moment. However, once that is addressed and dealt with, to help in the process of fighting hepatitis C, it is important to quit that habit because the immune system needs to fight and the fact that the immune system is carrying nicotine which it is fighting is not good but, as I said we can address at a later time. Exercise, I would suggest organizing yourself a five-minute exercise routine for a month period, just five minutes a day. Whether it is walking from point A to point B very fast, jogging, doing sit ups, peddling a bicycle, running on the spot, lifting weights but not too heavy weights and aerobic exercises.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: okay at the end of a month take a day off, kick back, relax, stick out your tongue, stick your thumbs in your ears and make silly noises. Starting the new month, increase it to 10 minutes a day, just a 10 minute basic workout. At that point you don’t need to increase it anymore. On your planet they talk about a 30 minute workout a day, that depends on the individual. In your case, exercise would be…..well you’re in fairly good shape anyway but it will help strengthen the immune system. Fresh fruit is very, very important in fighting this, very important. Clean, fresh fruit. I would strongly suggest that you check to make sure the fruit is not from the following places, Mexico, that’s a no-no. Chile, Argentina, any of the countries south of your border.

Linda M: okay.

Kiri: okay, drinking water from those places if you go and visit them, don’t. Take your own because your immune system, even though you can fight off things like colds easy and cuts and scratches and so on, it takes a little longer. You have a nick that you did the other day correct?

Linda M: a nick?

Karra: or a little bruise.

Linda M: no.

Russ: you mean the splinter she got?

Linda M: I got splinters.

Karra: yes, from the carpentry, a nick or a damage of the skin.

Russ: oh.

Karra: uh-huh okay, now you might have noticed over the years that those cuts and scratches take a little longer to heal.

Linda M: only because I wasn’t being nourished, I noticed when I’m not feeding myself good food…

Karra: that’s part of it but it is important……you might want to carry a little medical kit with yourself to clean the wounds. That helps to clean up them and speed up the process.

Linda M: yeah I have some witch hazel I could carry with me.

Karra: sorry?

Linda M: I have some witch hazel I could carry with me.

Karra: well I was thinking things like....you can’t use that can you? Okay, certain antibiotic creams.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: little packages of them I believe you can pick up, a thing of Band-Aids, just simple, basic things like that. Witch hazel is…..

Linda M: antiseptic.

Karra: uh-huh, you want another useful thing that you can carry?

Linda M: what’s that?

Karra: willow bark.

Linda M: willow bark okay.

Karra: uh-huh. What’s willow bark Russ?

Russ: aspirin.

Karra: uh-huh, boil it up, drink the juices. It taste revolting but it’s perfectly natural. There are other……oh a nice little one that you might enjoy, St. John’s wort.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: nice little sedative if you need to relax and unwind. Umm, no that’s not legal but it does help to....and it’s not harmful. Hmm, it's a pity that is illegal. You’re not a member of any indigenous tribes are you?

Linda M: no.

Karra: pity, can’t use that one either. I’m trying to think of things to help you relax a little.

Linda M: actually I'm a little bit too relaxed lately.

Karra: being a little too relaxed is useful at this time.