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(Karra and I work together, her through Mark’s body and myself channeling energy through crystals, in helping a guest whose leg had been clipped by a car. What is demonstrated in a very dramatic fashion is natural healing using just energy and crystals in a typical format from start to finish.) 

John: how you doing tonight Karra?

Karra: I’m doing excellent however I was kept awake earlier on last night.

Russ: ohh, the earthquakes on Hades Base?

Karra: uh-huh, psychic earthquakes. David, how are you doing?

David: pretty good.

Karra: but not as well as you would like.

David: uh-uh.

Karra: team effort by the way.

Russ: I’ll get the water.

Karra: so you have a problem I hear with your leg.

David: yes.

Russ:  cold water right?

Karra: yes.......here.

David: thank you.

Karra: okay........and a clean towel.

(Karra prepares for the healing by clapping her hands together to stimulate the energy)

Karra: okay, you know how to suck energy if my memory serves me correct?

David: if I know what?

Karra: how to suck energy out of crystals.

David: well I've never felt like I had to suck them out.

Karra: well you’re going to have to this time.

David: always felt like they were just coming out.

Karra: uh-huh, we’re going to force you to suck lots of energy out.

David: okay.

Karra: okay let me come closer........okay, let’s do this properly this time.

(we hear her rinsing her hands)

Karra: right, stick out your knee.......I’m going to draw energy.

(Karra claps her hands together to stimulate the energy again)

Karra: now I’m going to talk as I go so that Russ can learn. Now why did I remove the watch?

Russ: because it interferes with energy flow.

Karra: that’s right. There we go, we got contact here. Okay now relax, hold the crystal with both hands like this okay. Close your eyes and suck, okay. Oh that is badly swollen, you got any ice cubes?

Russ: Johnny, you have ice cubes?

John: I’ll check it out.

Russ: I was just wondering if you knew, I haven't been in the freezer in a while.

John: I think so.

Karra: now what I’m doing is I’m heating the area up, can you feel the heat being created?

David: uh-huh.

Karra: okay now it will make the leg bend easier. Okay we need to get this swelling down first so what we will do is get some ice on there. Okay now suck the energy out of the crystal. Move your leg forward a little bit there? Okay we’re going to start pulling energy from the underside and the topside here instead of from the side here. Okay Russ, could you bring over the laser scalpel?

(a crystal point with some unique properties)

Russ: uhh yeah.

Karra: and how did you do this?

David: I was hit by a car.

Karra: and you were hit on the leg?

David: they could’ve hit me a lot harder, it was only like 10 or 15 miles an hour.

Karra: okay now how does that feel so far?

Russ: here you go.

David: thanks.

Karra: Russ, I’ve got a job for you.

Russ: uhh yeah.

Karra: I want you to hold that right there.

Russ: okay.

Karra: charge energy down there. Okay…..now what Russ is doing is he’s concentrating on a focal point and what is actually happening is you've drawn the energy from the crystal and brought it up through your leg and I’m directing the energy. How does that feel?

David: well….

Karra: a little bit more movement?

David: yeah.

Karra: okay got some exercises that will help as you are a skier.

David: snowboarder.

Karra: snowboarder. Snowboarder, skier, they’re the same. I don’t ski very much or snowboard very much. Okay you will need one towel and I'll show you what to do. Okay roll it up and this is taught even on your third dimension. Put it underneath the knee right? And this will help to strengthen the knee and you lift it up, count to 10 (counts to ten). Bring it back down.

David: I can’t straighten my leg yet all the way to a lock.

Karra: no you don’t straighten it to lock. Bring it up, stretch your toe forward, count to 10 and bring it down okay? Do that 10 times and then rest, rest for about two minutes and then do it another 10 times. All’s you’re doing is bringing it up and stretching your toes. What you’re actually doing is stretching the muscles here and here. Now if it hurts, don’t force it, okay? There’s another one that you can do is you lie back all the way flat on the ground and I’m not going to go all the way and bring it up and hold it and of course toes are facing forward and then bring it down. Count to 10, up, forward, count to 10 and down. What you're doing then is you're strengthening the other part of this part of the leg here and the lower part of the knee here okay?

David: alright.

Karra: any questions, David?

David: nope.

Karra: okay now don’t forget the ice. Promise me you’ll put ice on it when you get home, it will help.

David: well someone told me that I should actually put heating pads on it because the swelling has gone down a whole, whole hell of a lot. It’s still a little swollen.

Karra: no you want to take the swelling out first of all. What the heat pads will do right?

David: uh-huh.

Karra: is it will stimulate the blood flow.

David: which makes it heal faster right?

John: no it makes the swelling increase……

Karra: not necessarily.

John: and your inflammation increase.

Karra: that’s right.

John: you need ice, in fact……

Karra: you see what happens when you have a….

John: as long as you promise to give these back to me, I have got some therapeutic ice packs that are made exactly for this.

Karra: okay, now what happens when you use cold is that the blood contracts right? And that area needs to be heated so the blood rushes down to it and it’s being contracted which speeds up the blood flow through that area.

David: uh-huh.

Karra: so in turn what it does is it speeds up the healing process because there’s been oxygen brought in the blood system to that area. Now what you can also do is elevate it, sit on a chair with it up high like this and that in turn with the ice, you have the blood flowing down the leg and it’s pumped up the leg hard so it has to work to get up there but when it comes back down it flows quicker which means that the oxygen is being put into the muscle of the leg because it has to pump uphill and when it comes rushing down, you’re getting the circulation of the blood going faster.

David: oh.

Karra: in fact if somebody was to monitor your heart, your heartbeat would go from a steady what’s it, about 80 a minute? To probably about 81 or 82 a minute, it would increase by one heartbeat per minute. Any more questions gentlemen?

Russ: none for me.

Karra: Johnny?

John: oh no, not right off hand.

Karra: okay I’m going to go because we have a guest speaker.