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(Karra explores the harmonics of healing where the frequency of an individual plays a part in a healing. She describes how she used harmonics with a guest we had visiting that was having a split within her upper and lower self that needed to be brought closer in alignment. She demonstrates as well by using a Tibetan singing bowl that everything has a frequency.) 

Karra: okay, do we have questions or am I going to just sit here and orate for a while?

Russ: well I've got a few but I don't want to take up all of them.

Skip: no go ahead, go ahead Russ, go ahead.

Russ: all right, if you insist. Karra, the healing that we did with Paulette and Sun Par........

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: in a verbal form......

Karra: yes.

Russ: as to bring the two together and what actually happened and how did it fix itself up?

Karra: well what was actually happened was that we took one vibrational frequency and brought it up and took the other vibrational frequency and brought it down so that they matched. The problem that Paulette was having is the fact that Sun Par was vibrating at a higher frequency then Paulette was so we had to bring and match them so that they evened out and work together instead of vibrating totally differently.

Russ: hmm.

John: now is Paulette going to need another healing?

Karra: from time to time yes but not that often.

John: not that often.

Karra: just words will be of tremendous support.

John: and this has to do with what she calls her bipolar energy?

Karra: that is correct.

John: it is the same thing we’re talking about?

Karra: yes, is that you have energy at one level and energy at another level and you have to bring them together so they're no longer split. By bringing them into sync and harmony together, you create a harmonic frequency that resonates out of the body between the entity and the physical and it vibrates together in tune. For example, if Russ was to hum at one note…

(Russ starts humming)

Karra: and I was to hum at another note…

(Karra hums at a higher note)

Karra: see they don’t sound good do they? One is higher and one is lower. If we were to hum the same note on the count of three…..two, one…..

(Karra and Russ hum at the same note)

Karra: see, our notes are pretty close together.

John: yeah it’s more pleasing to the ear.

Karra: that is correct. Now imagine that on a physical and spiritual level, the fact that you have one at a high-frequency and one at a low-frequency, it is bound to cause some problems because it is not harmonic. So by bringing them into a harmonic alignment right, what happens? The instrument is tuned and it is pleasant to hear for both parties and therefore it works much better.

John: so right now Paulette is harmonically balanced.

Karra: correct, with Sun Par.

Russ: so this goes back to what Kiri and I were talking about concerning harmonics and the matching of frequencies.

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: I see.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: uh-huh.

Karra: but it’s not only just on a physical and spiritual level, harmonics play a much bigger and more important role than people realize. I’m not fully versed on the engineering side, you’d have to ask Miss Mischievous that is standing on her hands at the moment.

Skip: well then, using the spiritual and physical harmonics, a healer can heal themselves?

Karra: yes and other people. You have to be sensitive to other harmonic frequencies of individuals. Everybody has a different harmonic frequency. Some people are very close together and other people are quite far apart. Somebody that irritates you for no reason whatsoever has a totally different harmonic frequency that is irritating.

Skip: okay, now one further step.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: I’m a gifted healer…..

Karra: yes.

Skip: to begin with.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: does this say that I’m consciously sensitive to people’s harmonics……

Karra: yes.

Skip: that’s why I can heal them?

Karra: well you had the ability as most healers do to fluctuate your harmonic frequency. You can go from a high frequency to a low frequency. There are some people that you can’t help due to the fact that their harmonic frequencies are too far out of your range either way, they're either too high or too low. For example that gentleman that you work with if my report is correct if she stays upright, there’s a gentleman that you work with that you find that you get on with but he’s very irritating and the problem there is that his frequency is too far away for you to match.

Skip: okay, alright.

Karra: that's why you get on well with most people is that you have that frequency that you can adjust and match to match their frequency.

Skip: oh okay and I do that unconsciously?

Karra: it’s a built-in program that makes you feel comfortable that you’ve had from an early age. When you’re very young, you're isolated from other people’s harmonics and their frequencies but as you get older, you get opened up and if at the right age you learn how to get on with a lot of people by adjusting your frequency, then you continue to do that through the rest of your life. The more exposure that you have to other people at an early age, the easier it becomes.

Skip: okay that explains something then because when I was a small boy I always kind of hung around with older people.......

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: I always did.

Karra: well again older people have a lower harmonic resonance level than younger people. As younger people have higher pitched voices…..

Skip: uh-huh.

Karra: they also have higher pitched frequencies.

Skip: okay.

Karra: the older you get the lower the note drops.

Skip: uh-huh.

Karra: some people don’t lose this frequency, they stay at a high frequency and they burn incredibly bright and very active, very boisterous, very much like a child in their boisterousness......

Skip: uh-huh.

Karra: but yet in an adult form. This is because their frequencies are very high. In a lower frequency they can.......an individual can achieve a much greater range of experiences and ability. A high frequency tends to burn an individual out.

Skip: okay, that makes sense.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: thank you.

Karra: oh no problem, glad I could help. Next question?

John: does light, pure light have a harmonic frequency?

Karra: everything has a harmonic frequency.

John: everything?

Karra: everything. Let me show you. Handle please? There we go.

(Karra gets a singing bowl singing)

John: I always thought that was a mortar and pestle. Yeah I mean it's very similar to your conventional.....but I had no idea......it was kinda laying....

Russ: singing bowl.

John: singing bowl till Mark told me about it which was just recently.  

Skip: okay the same thing can be accomplished with a wet finger on a crystal glass.

Karra: correct.

John: oh yeah.....

Karra: thank you Kiri.

John: you bet ya.

Karra: needs to be polished.

Skip: hear it?

Karra: seems to have been damaged here, oh well.

(gives the bowl a nice tap)

Karra: that works just as well.

John: yeah, that has a good ring to it.

Karra: yes but that has a harmonic frequency also.

Skip: this is....I think this is why bells are cast.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: they're not machined, they're cast.

Karra: right, that's because it is easier to achieve the harmonic frequency necessary.

Skip: and by changing the properties of the metals change the tone of the bell.

Karra: correct and it is the same with people, change the individual slightly and you change their frequency.

Skip: okay.

Karra: we have just had a revelation have we not Mr. Healer?

Skip: do what?

Karra: you've just had a revelation did you not?

Skip: more or less.

Karra: uh-huh.

John: back to my question about light.

Karra: yes, it does have a frequency, it does have harmonics. It is so high-pitched that bright light not only hurts the eyes but hurts the ears as well.

John: that’s a little bit better than what you gave me before.

Karra: uh-huh, okay.

Skip: and the darker the light, the deeper the mood.

Karra: correct.

Skip: it’s the same with colors.

Karra: correct, colors have frequencies.

Skip: the darker the color the deeper the mood.

Karra: uh-huh. For example, this is black is it not?

John: that is black.

Karra: you cannot get much darker than that. What does black suggest?

Skip: funerals.

(Skip laughs at the humor of it)

John: for me it represents sincerity, professionalism.

Karra: Russ?

Russ: absence of light.

Karra: see, all different definitions but all of them…..all those comments suggest that something a little bit is darker, not dark as in negative but as in void of light as Russ put it.

Skip: very few people have seen ultimate darkness.

Karra: true.

Skip: I have.

Russ: you mean pitch black?

Skip: pitch black where you cannot see….

Russ: yeah I’ve seen it.

Skip: you have? Okay, there are very few people that have Russ.

Russ: uh-huh.

Skip: in the mines, when you turn off your headlamp, it’s ultimate darkness.

Karra: okay, any more questions for me?

Russ: uh-huh, in the question of.......we're working right now with elixir’s…

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and harmonic elixirs.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: the color of the stone that we use in the elixir matches a frequency.

Karra: correct.

Russ: if we match a sound to that color with experimentation.....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: what happens to the elixir?

Karra: I would take away from the learning lesson, I’m sorry.

Russ: okay.

Karra: okay? Any more questions, because we have…

Russ: two tapes.

Karra: okay, but we need to be wrapping up this part.

Skip: thank you.

Karra: no problem Skip.

John: thank you very much.