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(Karra gives a dissertation on long-distance healing and the kinds of energy that can be sent. She goes into the specifics that will be needed when trying it. Preferably, the closer a healer is to those they are treating the better.) 

Karra: okay, any healing questions?

Russ: yeah I've got one.

Karra: okay.

Russ: due to the fact that everything seems to be going well with me health wise......

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: what aspect of that are you able to help me with or been helping me with?

Karra: telling you when to eat, when to eat fresh fruit.

Russ: good call.

Karra: telling you when to call it a night.

Russ: ahhh, another good call.

Skip: you're a healer right?

Karra: uh hmm..

Skip: okay, I got a question.

Karra: uh-huh......I was last time I looked, even though on my desk it says ambassador.

Skip: now you don't have to go into and oratory with me doggone it (laughs). I want to know if I have a distance limit on my healing capabilities?

Karra: distance limit, I'm not sure I know what you mean. Oh the range to.....

Skip: yes, now you understand, it's dawned on you what I was saying.

Karra: yeah, you can send energy but it's general energy.

Skip: any distance?

Karra: any distance and you can......

Skip: do I have to have a means of communication to send this?

Karra: not necessarily, just a picture of the person and general location that they're at. The other thing is that by talking you can heal, by writing on your computers you can heal by saying soothing things and relaxing things, making suggestions, making them laugh, all sorts of techniques.

Skip: well, the reason why I was asking that is because I'm talking to a lady of a distance of probably about what? 600 miles, to Redding?

Karra: don't know where it is.

Russ: coast, northern coast.

Skip: Northern California.

Russ: South of Medford.

Skip: her and I have been corresponding, she's reduced her medication by half.

Karra: oh that's good.

Skip: all of it.

Karra: yeah. Okay now the energy, you can send general energy but healing energy, it is much more effective if you're up close and personal.

Skip: uh-huh.

Karra: this kind of range is ideal, even closer is even better

(meaning the space between her in Mark's body and Skip)

Karra: hands-on touching is by far the best.

Skip: that's how I usually do it.

Karra: yeah but distance you can send healing energy or quote, unquote, healing energy, it's just energy. What they do with it is what happens, that's the healing part. If they wish it to invigorate themselves and energize themselves without using it for healing, then that's what it's used for.

Skip: it's like we discussed before, all I am is the jump starter.

Karra: yeah, you're the jump starter. By sending the healing energy and talking in a healing way and them receiving the energy, they can use it as healing. But if you just send the energy they use it for whatever they want to use it for. It's like giving somebody $20 and just giving it to them or giving them $20 and saying, "go and buy food".

Skip: uh-uh, get something to eat yeah.

Karra: yeah, "go and buy a piece of salmon with this $20, spend as much as you can". See you're getting specific at that point.

Skip: uh-huh.

Karra: and then the other option is that you take them to the store, you give them the $20, you point to the piece of salmon that you want and you tell them pick it up, pay for it and I'll meet you in the car. That's like being hands-on in person.

Skip: okay I was just wondering about it because I have been doing that, sending her energy.

Karra: yeah so if you instruct her or whist you're sending her the energy, you are talking in a healing capacity and you are sending the energy and she is receiving it, then she can start to use it for healing.

Skip: okay, all right darling, that's what I wanted to find out because it is happening.

Karra: good, good, good. Yes and as I was saying, even though on my desk it says ambassador, I am a healer at heart.