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(Karra explains that as old age comes on it’s important to work on daily exercises of some kind to keep bones fit. Staying on the subject of staying fit, she includes a talk on nutrition as well. ) 

John: let's see, what kind of serious questions should we ask you?

Karra: healing, after all I am a healer.

John: I’ve noticed with skiing…

Karra: uh-huh.

John: and working very hard, I’m having some pain in my knees.

Karra: uh-huh.

John: and I think it’s mostly muscle…..

Karra: what is happening…..

John: I don’t think I hurt myself.

Karra: no, normally what happens is that when you work muscles that haven't been worked hard for a long time, what you’re doing is stretching the muscles and making them create new pathways for the blood to flow into so that the muscles can grow. And growing is quite a painful experience, ask the youngest member here about his growing pains that he had (Shane).

John: yeah, I remember, I’m not that old.

Karra: but it is the same when you work muscles, that you create new tissue and the pathways are pumping in so that the areas are a little bit sensitive to touch to start off with. The more you work them, the stronger they become and the quicker they grow. However the quicker they grow, the more painful they are.

John: okay so the body pain is just from skiing hard and working hard, am I correct?

Karra: is it a dull pain or a sharp, stabbing pain?

John: no, no, no, I know the difference….

Karra: yeah.

John: and no, it’s nothing chronic.

Karra: okay.

John: it’s a dull, growing kind of pain.

Karra: yeah and that’s what it is, is that the muscles are growing and when you ski you’re using different muscles so by using the different muscles, you're strengthening the muscles that are useful for skiing and they enlarge and they get painful as they enlarge. But it's good in the long run as it makes the bones around the muscles stronger also. For example, if you take one of your people that throw balls in the bat thing……

John: baseball?

Karra: yes and you were to take a slice out of their arm, say here right? And a slice out of……..is this the arm that they use?

John: well it depends, they use one or the other and some challenging people use both.

Karra: any one, the throwing arm okay?

John: right.

Karra: you take a slice out of a non-throwing arm and a slice out of a throwing arm. Now if you were to compare the bone, the bone from the non-throwing arm would be thinner than the arm that is used for throwing. And this can be used for later age to prevent osteoporosis which I don’t think anybody needs to worry about but for future reference.

John: but you’re saying that an athlete will......the bone structure in a limb will actually increase?

Karra: that is correct.

John: with an athlete that uses that arm.

Karra: yes, you have to use it continuously when you get into older age. For example, if you’re concerned about thinning of the bones, by exercising, walking, running, whatever, it does increase the strength of the bones. It’s also something that can be used to combat arthritis is by exercising the bones and the muscle, you get the necessary strength to continue to be able to use your fingers, your arms, your legs, whatever part is suffering from arthritis. So by exercising the whole entire body, you exercise the whole entire bone structure and in turn you have a fitter body that is stronger.

Russ: hmm.

John: very informative.

Karra: oh thank you.

John: now I’m coming up with a list and we’ve compiled some lists as far as when we get more into some serious survival mode which we're planning for. Since you're a healer and I’m into first aid and I happen to be a chef, I'm into food and I'm into healing okay? Will you be able to help me with some menu planning?

Karra: certainly, what you need is high proteins. If you are a semi-vegetarian or a normal……

John: I want to be able to……..excuse me, pardon me…..

Karra: uh-huh.

John: I want to be able to cook a nutritional, vegetarian diet and be able to supplement it with meat for people who eat meat okay?

Karra: oh-huh, I'm getting to that. Okay, now whether you are a meat eater or a non-meat eater, everybody needs protein and it doesn’t matter if you dislike one type of meat or another type of meat. What you can use as a supplement to meat is nuts. Now there are a vast variety of nuts. You can grind them up together and by making them into a paste you can almost simulate meat, not quite but close enough. You can also use mushrooms, again with the nuts which will give you a high-protein. So in a situation where you collect nuts, you are basically harvesting meat in a different form. In fact in fact I believe some of your races call the nut a meat or the meat of the nut.

John: yes, yes, that is the correct terminology.

Karra: yes, so in essence it is just as high-protein as meat.

John: so for example, and I’ve done this before…..

Karra: uh-huh.

John: if I did a hazelnut crusted salmon…..

Karra: uh-huh.

John: you’re looking at a very nutritional, well-balanced, high-protein dish.

Karra: yes, very healthy.

John: and Russ would eat it.

Karra: oh certainly.

John: I’d like to invite everyone over, Russ is buying and we're going to have hazelnut crusted salmon.

Karra: oh thank you.

John: or we can do cashew or pecan, any kind of nut.

Karra: I will hold up a UFO and be right down.

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: okay anyway, let’s get back to the healing side.

John: okay.

Karra: okay now, by using correct proteins, you can heal the body in an accelerated method with activity. Physiotherapy is an example. If you eat certain high-protein foods such as salmon or nuts, you can speed up the healing process because you’re getting a high-protein diet into a body and the body absorbs the protein and helps it to repair itself. So by using high-protein, it dovetails nicely with healing because if you eat a well-balanced meal, your chances of catching ailments is decreased and the body's repair system is  increased.

John: excellent. So my question was appropriate, whether we’re in a survival situation or not…..

Karra: uh-huh.

John: nutrition and eating good and exercise are important no matter what.

Karra: that is correct.