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(Karra discusses a natural cough syrup using an onion, sugar and garlic. She improves on the classic recipe by adding in the pressing of the combination instead of just letting it just drip through. In answering a guest's question about MSM, we learn quite a bit about sulfur also.) 

Russ: hi Karra. How's it going sweetheart?

Karra: hey, hello, hello, I'm doing well, I'm doing well.

Russ: this is Laura.

Karra: and you have ice water coming.

Russ: it's going to be a while now because I just put a glass in the ice box with water in there.

Karra: yeah, do you have any, no that wouldn't work. No that wouldn't be a good idea either. I'm thinking of herbal remedies. You want something that is soothing to the throat........what do you have handy in inventory please?

Laura: honey.......

Karra: yes that's good.

Skip: darling can I make a suggestion?

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: how about onion cough syrup?

Karra: oh yes.

Laura: putting onion in the honey?

Skip: no, slice an onion thin, put it in a bowl, pour sugar over it and let the juice come out the bottom of it. That's your cough syrup.

Karra: actually what you might want to do is to do the onion, I think it's the same way that you're thinking of a but slightly different arrangement.

Skip: go ahead.

Karra: onion, the sugar and compress it.

Skip: oh okay.

Karra: and drain off the juice.

Skip: okay but I've always done it just let it set itself and let it juice down by itself, I've never compressed it.

Karra: yes, to compress it will speed up the process.

Skip: yes, it would.

Karra: and then mix that with some honey for soothing and lubrication.

Skip: okay.

Laura: sounds good.

Karra: okay also garlic, garlic into the combination.

Skip: the oil of garlic or the.....?

Karra: yeah, the oil of garlic.

Skip: okay, not the cloves.

Karra: no, well you want the cloves but you want to drain off and compress and compress and compress.

Skip: and get the oil from it.

Karra: correct. Okay, Leonedies said that I am a healer, that's correct. I'm here to answer any questions you may wish about healing, I am taking my mind off the ambassadorial duties completely for tonight.

Skip: okay darling, can I ask a question about a natural....

Karra: I would be delighted to.

Skip: derivative in our systems that we are lacking.

Karra: okay.

Skip: that's MSM.

Karra: MSM, I'm not familiar with that.

Skip: methyl sulfate methane I think it is.

Karra: methane?

Skip: that's the way it's spelled.

Karra: okay.

Skip: M.E.T.H.A.N..

Karra: you are right, the English alphabet is a little bit strange to me. Ahh anyway...

Skip: it's supposed to put sulfur back into each cell of our body.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: we were getting it through plants and milk before they started using artificial fertilizers and homogenizing milk.

Karra: uh-huh, it's part of the natural system of development. Sulfur is a very interesting compound. On its own in a raw form it is highly poisonous and will kill you but in correct combination with other chemicals it distills....what's the word? Where you water something down. Anyway, it gets watered down with other chemical compounds and everything, it becomes a very useful one.

Russ: dilute?

Karra: diluted, thank you. However, straight on its own it is highly poisonous and will kill you but being diluted down with other chemicals and the interaction and the chemical reactions that happen with those compounds, it changes the structure from the normal sulfur that you'd get from volcanic activity into a sulfur that is much more beneficial and aids in such things as digestion, blood flow, thought processes, respiratories. In fact it affects the whole entire body in a myriad of different ways in different capacities interacting with the different structures of those organs that are involved. I think we discussed it a couple years ago actually.

Skip: hmmm.

Russ: I don't remember.

Skip: I don't remember it neither.

Russ: yeah go ahead and discuss it because I'm going to see if I have got any drops.

Karra: okay but what happens is, it actually strengthens your cell, the structure of the cell and benefits the flow of the holding capacity of the oxygen that the vessels carry. For example in blood, which I was just mentioning, it speeds through the circulation so that there is more oxygen carried to the extremities so therefore it benefits the oxygenation of the blood. Another thing that it will do is because it is affecting the blood, it will affect the skin also. As a certain amount of oxygen is taken to the skin, so the skin will become clearer and smoother. Again the same thing happens with chondroitin which ends up in your hair here and aids also in the regeneration of tissue. Okay let's answer questions.

Skip: yeah that answered the question for me just fine.

Karra: oh, I was hoping to bring up more questions.

Skip: no, from what I understand from all the information that I've been able to research, it was developed for arthritis, bursitis and it's been used in this 3-D world for many, many, many, many years in the treatment of domestic and animals and racehorses and so on and so forth to reduce the arthritis in their joints and so on and so forth.