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(Karra talks about some tips for healing meta-concerts and how having specific specialists participating would significantly improve the results. The various types of bowls that can be used for healing are compared for the effects each type of substance will provide.) 

Karra: okay, healing questions.

Skip: am I hit my limit of healing ability?

Karra: no, no, you never hit your limit, you do not have a limit. The only thing that limits you is yourself.

Skip: because it's getting better and better.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: and it's stronger.

John: as far as using the copper for the arthritis and stuff, I've used my copper bracelet since our last discussion on it and I found out that Skip manufactures or is able to manufacture these.....

Karra: uh-huh.

John: and I believe they would be tools for the meta-concert.

Karra: ummm.....you'd have to discuss that with the meta-concert organizer Omal. For healing certainly, for a healing meta-concert certainly. With a group of healers together and a....

John: do you understand that our meta-concert is composed of I think we've got more healers or I don't know if we're out of balance? Or if I'm confused on it. Can you clarify that for me?

Karra: certainly healing energy is good for healing, that goes without saying but when it comes to a meta-concert, energy, whether it is healing energy, manifestation energy, psychokinesis energy, coercive energy, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because the person that is the executive is the person focusing the energy and using it. He is the one that transforms it from coercive, whatever form of energy into what he's focusing on. If he's focusing it on healing, then certainly it enhances the healing because he doesn't have to change it and it is done when he focuses it, it changes automatically. If you had a group of coercer's together, and they were trying to manifest something, it would be exactly the same as having a group of manifestors apart from the wattage would be turned down just a tad

Skip: okay, okay. I gotcha.

John: yeah, thank you for clarifying that. I was a little bit confused on that and you did understand my question?

Karra: I just relayed it to Omal and Omal relayed it straight back to me.

John: okay, thank you, thank you for clarifying that.

Karra: you're welcome. That is one of the advantages of having a telepathic link with people.

Russ: hey Karra, how are we going to deal with David's knee next week?

Karra: okay what we will do is we will use the heat technique. The hands heat and we will heat it the same way as we started off working on Mark's knee and Carrie's melanoma by using the heat. And then we will assess the situation when we finish using the heat and we will need a bowl of water to rinse Mark's hands in because we have to be very careful because when working on a knee that is damaged with his knees, oh woe is me. He will be suffering.

John: to keep things simpler since I do, I'd like to make sure the channeling sessions are set up correctly.

Karra: uh-huh.

John: what media of bowl, glass, metal or wood?

Karra: glass. You have a wood bowl?

John: well I'm asking what is correct, what is the most beneficial?

Karra: do you have a wood bowl?

John: I don't think so. I know we've got glass and metal.

Karra: glass will do.

Skip: do you need a wood bowl?

John: would wood work better? That is part of my question.

Karra: that is why I said, do you have a wood bowl?

Skip: I've got several of them at home.

Russ: ahhh wonderful.

Skip: I'll bring one up or send one up.

Karra: okay.

John: and how about a stone bowl? Would that work?

Karra: it depends on what type of healing is being done.

Skip: yeah, the stone has to be the stone for what you are using it for.

Karra: yes that's correct. If you are using, I believe you have a, yes you do have a granite stone one don't you?

Skip: yes we do.

Karra: yes and Johnny has a granite one as well. Is that correct?

John: yes.

Karra: okay yeah, Tia's been nosing around.

John: yeah she's nosy.

Karra: yes we know she's nosy. She has a big one too.

Skip: be nice.

Karra: she doesn't have a big nose, it's a very fine, dainty, little nose, a little turned up at the tip. She's looking at me with smoldering eyes.

Russ: you've been watching the "Life of Brian" there darling?

Karra: watch it big nose.

(everyone laughs)

Karra: of course I watched the "Life of Brian" with you. Okay now, a granite bowl as you bring that up and Tia is talking about granite bowls, is you would use that when you are dealing with not so much bone ailments but ailments of the internal organs. Let's say you have some liver problem by whatever cause. You would use, you would put the crystal in the water, this is a little bit different and I'll explain why. By placing the crystal and the water in a granite bowl, you're infusing the energy from the tiny, little crystals in the granite into the water and that in turn helps to keep the crystal nice and cleansed. What you would do is you would place the healing crystal, let us say it is the big one underneath here, into the granite bowl immersed totally in water, I don't believe yours is big enough to immerse is it? Tia is checking pictures.

John: no mine's not big enough to immerse the healing crystal that we're using.

Karra: okay let us say were using the laser scalpel okay? That one would be fine.

John: would that be the scalpel that you used on Oddball on the feline for the healing?

(one of the house cats)

Karra: yes, that is correct, yes. Okay you immerse that one in a bowl, in the granite bowl right? And the energy would be sucked into the crystal to use as an energy source. Now you would use it until it started to feel as if it was running out of power. You would then place back into the water, then you would take it out after about 10 minutes and you would dry it with a cotton, not a mixture of things, just pure cotton. You would dry it with a cotton cloth and you would then continue with the healing process until it started to run out of energy again. Normally it doesn't go to a second charging in the water. Occasionally, very occasionally with serious forms of liver damage such as cirrhosis and that is the advanced stages of cirrhosis and it would only work as a delaying action at that point but you would probably go as high as four or even five charges in the granite water. Now a glass bowl of the other hand, just is a retaining device for the water so it doesn't slop all over the floor. And that is used basically so that the light and the energy around can penetrate with no problem at all because the granite acts as a shield as well from other types of energy.

John: and how about using a conventional stainless steel bowl which is readily available in this dimension?

Karra: that is all right if you're using sterilizing agents in the steel bowls.

John: but as far as healing, you would not recommend it, am I correct?

Karra: no I wouldn't. I mean it is okay for rinsing your hands in and drying them but for actually immersing a crystal in there, no. If you're using the hand method of healing, putting your hands on somebody and warming them up, it doesn't matter what type of vessel you use to hold the water in. Whether it's glass, stainless steel, silver, gold, copper, bronze, brass, it doesn't matter. Yes?

John: well I'm wondering why the copper wouldn't work with.......since wearing copper on your body and it interacts...

Karra:  ahh I see, I understand, I understand. When you put your hands in the water you're washing off the negative energy that you picked up.

John: correct.

Karra: it doesn't matter with copper. Copper you would use that on a bone and illness such as arthritis, helping to speed up a broken bone and so on.

John: okay, now we'll discuss this more, thank you for your consideration on my question.

Karra: yes, okay you're welcome. Ryan, you don't have any healing questions do you?

Ryan: not at the moment.

Karra: okay, oh you do have a voice. You surprised me, everybody was saying that you've been very quiet. I'm glad you proved them wrong. We'll talk about things later dear.

Russ: okay.