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(We discuss how a healer has the necessary drive to heal so it is more than just the act of making someone feel good. Karra also tells of a time she had to assist a father care for his child as he was being healed and how worries can affect the healing.) 

Russ: all right, Karen here used to be a nurse.

Karra: oh yes, yes I do know.

Russ: has a bit of experience in that field and so I figured that you guys would hit it off for a while.

Karra: uh-huh, military nurse weren't you?

Karen: well no actually I did it right out of high school.

Karra: oh, just some reason I was under the impression that you had a military background.

Russ: it was the picture.....

(a picture that Karra had seen through my eyes of Karen in uniform)

Karen: yeah that's from an ROTC program that I was in and became second lieutenant in the Air Force.

Karra: oh.

Karen: it was pretty tight.

Karra: doing what in the Air Force?

Karen: I was operations officer and drill team commander.

Karra: oh, okay now I understand. For some reason I was confused, I thought you were a nurse in the services.

Karen: no, to get out of high school I decided to go to nursing college and be a nurse that way.

Karra: oh, I was a what you would call a battlefield medic in my youth. Well, when I was younger anyway.

Karen: it's almost like the Florence Nightingale that I was talking about with Mark.

Karra:  hmmm, yes I do understand the Florence Nightingale concept. Myself I was always been capable of healing. Russ will tell you that my hands up here are constantly warm and I can funnel and focus energy. Hang on.....let me....can you put your hand out? Let me just feel the warmth being generated from Mark's hand. Now when it comes to cuts and scrapes I can accelerate the process. We have a feline around here that has proven without a shadow of a doubt that a group of minds can heal. He was used as a test case to demonstrate the functions of a healing meta-concert. I don't see him around anywhere at the moment.

Russ: he's outside right now.

Karra: a prime example of using healing energy. You as a nurse will know that the most powerful healing tool is the mind and the feeling of affection for that purpose. The necessary drive to help, to heal and I try to do that in every aspect of my life.

Karen: I think there's a lot of compassion that's needed to actually heal.

Karra: yes it's very important when healing to have the desire. If it is a job then it is not healing, it is just helping somebody to feel better.

Karen: that's it.

Karra: and the reward of healing is not any fiscal rewards, it is the joy of seeing somebody get up and walk away. Even if they don't thank you, the fact that they are mobile and laughing and that they can go on and help somebody else is reward enough. We don't have a currency system up here. I give my services as a medic freely, it is a calling not a job.

Karen: well that's the way it should be.

Karra: uh-huh.

Karen: especially when it costs you a couple of thousand here it's kind of ridiculous.

Karra: yes you're paying for the privilege of being cared for and in my opinion that's not good.

Russ: doesn't that affect the healing in itself in the fact that you're having to pay and you are more worried about what this is going to cost you than getting better and won't that kind of hold back the healing process?

Karra: I don't know, I don't know. You're asking me to think in a fiscal way which as I've said in the past dear, I don't understand.

Russ: well it's just a concept I just thought of.

Karen: right because I mean I know I've laid in the hospital myself trying to be healed by doctors and it's like, "boy this is going to cost me an arm and a leg when I get out" and so like...I mean you're just constantly worried on that extent to where you just make yourself sicker or just give yourself an ulcer.

Karra: that's a strange analogy for what it costs, an arm and a leg.

(Karen laughs)

Karen: I'm sorry?

Karra: healers don't do that.

Karen: well....

Russ: "ah which would you like to lose there?"

Karen: the right and the left....it's like....no but that's about.....it costs way too much money to get healed here.

Karra: yes money I do not understand very well.

Karen: I mean if people could actually heal and believe that they're being...

Russ: well let's say whoever came to you to get healed had to pay you 20 cases of wine?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and when you go to heal them, they're worried more about the wine they're going to lose then actually getting healed.

Karra: yes, yes, I do understand. Kiri's whispering the concept in my ear and yes in actual fact that does hinder the healing process when you have other worries on your mind. I had a young father in here that his young lady just had a baby and he had broken his arm rock climbing and he was concerned with the fact that he wouldn't be able to go home and help her with the young baby so to ease his suffering I went and helped. The fact that it speeded up his healing process is the important thing. The fact that I took his worry of that he wouldn't be able to go home and cook his wife breakfast or change the diaper while she was off doing her job and so on because they don't believe in putting a child in the crèche. So I said, "no problem, I will take care of the child for you."

Russ: hmm....well you are a wonderful mother.

Karen: really, well that's.....

Karra: thank you.

Karen: I mean that kind of....yeah that would really ease a lot of people.

Karra: uh-huh and that is part of healing. It's not so much setting the splint, stitching the tissue, it is more soothing the spirit.