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(The legendary Monk makes his one and only appearance at a channeling session where we get a rare look at a representative of the surfing community of Sirius. We get from him the telepathic advantages of the sixth dimension and how he linked minds with the local dolphins where he was surfing with to get some tips on some great waves.) 

Monk: yo, forgive me man, it’s the first time I’ve channeled dude.

Russ: no worries mate.

Monk: pleasure to meet you man.

Russ: a pleasure indeed.

Monk: only been on the base close to two months man, it’s real cool to be home almost. Going back to Sirius soon.

Russ: ahh, now who am I talking to?

Monk: they called me around campus Monk.

Russ: okay. Well good to meet you Monk.

Monk: yes, we got things in common to talk about dude.

Russ: all right, besides a certain language similarity.

Monk: yeah man, it’s cool. You ride the nose man or sit on the tail?

Russ: on the tail.

Monk: tail yeah, pretty cool.

Russ: short boards.

Russ: I can’t talk them into putting any surf up there on the base.

Monk: I’ll see what I can do, I’ve only got a few weeks left man.

Russ: no worries.

Monk: so in all seriousness dude, you got any questions?

Russ: yeah I do as a matter of fact.

Monk: okay cool, let’s hear them.

Russ: okay, since we both have a knowledge of third dimension and the different things about it, alright question I got for you is basically, describe for me the difference between third dimension and sixth dimension.

Monk: it’s a mindset man, it’s a mindset.

Russ: right.

Monk: yeah it’s not so much laid-back and kickback, I sound as you call it real rad and cool…..

Russ: right.

Monk: but still very sixth dimensional. The way I see it is like knowing who you are, what you have, where you came from as opposed to not knowing, not caring and having no desire.

Russ: right and for example sixth dimension, you got all access to all your past lives……

Monk: uh-huh.

Russ: you've also got telepathic skills.

Monk: oh it’s very useful.

Russ: so you can check out what they’re thinking in the…...

Monk: you’re not allowed to, that’s a no-no.

Russ: oh you’re not? Oh….

Monk: to probe anybody’s mind is a no-no man without their consent.

Russ: oh I figured they’d just be leaking all over the place and you couldn’t almost help but to pick it all up.

Monk: oh that’s easy, that’s not probing, that’s just telepathic.

Russ: that’s what I’m talking about it.

Monk: ohhhh.

Russ: you see?

Monk: dude.

Russ: it’s not probing, but picking up all the stuff that’s coming off anybody anyway.

Monk: speak the jive….

(Russ laughs)

Monk: it makes it easier to understand.

Russ: well there’s no word for it, I mean how do you say it?

Monk: leaking like a sieve dude.

Russ: I call that telepathic conversation.

Monk: oh, that’s eavesdropping.

Russ: eavesdropping.

Monk: uh-huh.

Russ: okay gotcha.

Monk: you guys should really take more care of the pipelines there.

Russ: oh I know, I know. Hey, I used to surf down in the south Bay, down by L.A.?

Monk: dude, that’s bad, that’s the pits.

Russ: we’d had garbage spills close the whole beach for days because of hepatitis scares.

Monk: dude, that’s the pits.

Russ: we couldn't even surf down in Palos Verdes because it was so bad. I’ve been out in the water with sharks before, it’s fun. Nothing big, just everybody else got chased out of the water and we sat out there and caught all the waves, we never saw a shark once.

Monk: it’s the ones that you don’t see that get you though dude.

Russ: yeah, it’s probably a dolphin, kind of cool to surf with.

Monk: oh yeah, it’s easy to talk to them too dude. Lying out there on a board, on a short board, you get one up next to you and you just link minds, it’s cool, real bad. Tell you good spots to surf too man.

Russ: where?

Monk: ahh…..they tell ya.

Russ: oh, the dolphins will tell you?

Monk: oh yeah man, talk to those mothers and they’ll tell you. Yeah you get on their frequency, they’ll talk all day long, they’ll tell you stories that you haven’t heard in eons. Told me of one great place, real bad place, dude I had such a blast.

Russ: really?

Monk: oh man, it was a ripper.

Russ: oh, that would be an advantage.

Monk: oh dude, get the spots from the mouth. I’m being pointed by the chick with the legs, she’s pointing me out.

Russ: oh bummer man.

Monk: the little chick’s smiling and laughing and nodding.

Russ: no doubt. Well Monk, it’s been a pleasure, I hope I’ll catch you up there when I stop on up.

Monk: let’s see if I can do this right dude.

(flashes the Hawaiian sign for good waves)

Russ: shakam bra.

Monk: dude.

Russ: you got it.

Monk: see you bro.

Russ: see you bra.

Monk: see if I get back some time, if not, send you a disk.

Russ: all right, it’s a deal bud.

Monk: okay dude, out of here bud.

Russ: later mate.

Monk: bro.