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(Omal reveals that the system of government on Sirius has been in place for close to 150,000 years and because of that they have established protocol to show respect for those in society. Formal events require formal etiquette in other words.) 

Omal: now protocol, protocol and behavior. Formality, this is a little bit out of my normal ramblings. You may say that at times I do the inane ramblings of a confused base commander.

Russ: I’ve never heard them but I suppose I’ll take your word for it.

Omal: it is a attempt at humor Russ.

Russ: ahh of course.

Omal: sometimes you do not catch my humorous innuendos.

Russ: ahh.

Omal: as has been stated in the past, my sense of humor is extremely dry.

Russ: well sometimes it's really good.

Omal: yes, it is even drier than Mark’s I believe.

Russ: it is.

Omal: much drier. Okay, now let me start pontificating. Okay protocol, protocol serves a very important function, it establishes seniority and station in life. The station in life being the objective goals of individuals where they want to be, where they are, to where they want to go. In these protocol bound situations, the protocol has been designed over a long period of time so that no one is insulted and everyone is paid correct respect according to their station in life with the statement on their possibility of advancement. Take the Honorable Madam Ambassador, formally Lady Karra Tanaka Hatfield. It is stated the Ambassador from Hades Base, the Honorable Lady Karra Tanaka, full titles. This is paying her the respect. When you talk to her, Madam Ambassador, it is all respect. Any time it is formal, formality must play a role. When you are with her in a formal environment, you must be formal and she must be formal. If she is the hostess of the event and there is no one higher than her, she is the abiding authority, she is the person that everyone pays respect to. However, let us say the former or the current president of Sirius is at the function and she is the highest ranking person, then everyone pays respect to her. Let us say there is to be a holo taken of all the high officials present. She would stand in the center, to her right the person hosting the event, Madam Ambassador. To the right of Madam Ambassador would be her bond mate. To the left would be the bond mate of Madam President and then everybody would be distributed according to their rank on either side. But the center of everything is the person who is of highest rank. It is very structured in that way. It is something that has been on Sirius if I am correct for close to 150,000 years and it has worked well. Why is something in existence so long? Because it works. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t stay very long. If something is around for a long time, you have to wonder and question why and the majority of the time it is a simple answer, because it works. Protocol is designed to work, to behave in an official capacity with respect to the appropriate people and reactions to the appropriate people. Occasionally you get a rebellious person, these people are tolerated in these events. They are smiled upon as entertainment, “isn’t that entertaining? Oh how charming.” So protocol serves a function and it is what?

Russ: oh, it’s for......to correctly show respect to those who have worked to achieve the positions they are in.

Omal: correct and it is also to recognize their achievements.

Russ: correct.