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(Kiri acts as translator for the soon to be bond mate for the President of Sirius who is also Kiri and Karra’s father. This being her first visit to the base to meet her future family, she is as interested with our planet as we are about her life on Sirius. We get the physical characteristics of Sirians along with their average heights. This is the definitive channeling about life as it happens on a higher dimensional planet.) 

Russ: how’s it Gonzo?

Kiri: Gonzo is doing fine.

Russ: good.

Kiri: where do you start?

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: question.

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: what is it like to live in a different, cold climate?

Russ: hmm……well, shovel a lot of snow, clean off the windshield of our cars.

Kiri: explain cars.

Russ: personal mode of transportation using….

Kiri: ahh, she understands.

Russ: ahhh.

Kiri: what we’re doing Johnny is I’m acting as the voice for a very shy person who wants to ask a whole load of questions and also answer a whole load of questions.

John: okay.

Kiri: yes and she doesn’t speak much in the way of English.

John: right.

Kiri: so instead of…..

John: does she have a name?

Kiri: well everybody calls her Gonzo.

David: Gonzo?

Kiri: yes Gonzo.

John: is that in reference to her nose?

Kiri: she does have a little bit of a nose but it is in actual fact a shortening of her name.

John: which is?

Kiri: Gorozky.

John: okay. Well any questions you got for me ask away.

Kiri: she wants to know what is it like in a high desert?

John: what constitutes a high desert….

Kiri: uh-huh.

John: is the lack of rainfall basically and high deserts range from your vegetarian, vegetable matter that grows on the Earth is your biggest basic difference and there’s different parameters…..I mean you can have a high desert with large trees or large cactus or you can have…..there’s a lot of high desert with virtually no trees and cactus and very limited vegetation.

Kiri: what is cactus?

John: cactus is a plant that grows very good in desert areas and it's very unique. The saguaro cactus of Arizona, the trees of the desert and there’s many different varieties of cactus and succulents and other usually very hardy species. Cactus are hardy species, they grow best under harsh conditions.

Kiri: describe the appearance of a cactus.

John: it would be cylindrical and spiny. They vary dramatically, there’s different varieties and different species. They’re thorny........

Kiri: describe the one that you mentioned.

John: and they're hardy.

Russ: well saguaros grow about 15 feet tall sometimes but average around 10.

John: oh yeah but they grow a lot bigger than that if you don’t mess with them.

Russ: oh sure and they basically have a single stock about maybe a foot, foot and a half across that goes up 15 feet with a couple arms that break off from it that go…..

John: the unique feature of a saguaro cactus for it to grow an arm, it needs 24 hours of continuous precipitation and usually that comes in snow where it will snow on the cactus and the moisture……inevitably the next day usually the snow will melt because of the ground temperature rising but with this unique property and getting 24 hours of continuous moisture allows it for an arm to grow. They’re a slow-growing, hardy species, spiny…..there’s many with some medicinal qualities.

Kiri: what color are they?

John: green as a general rule, most usually green.

Russ: some will flower like the saguaro will flower.

Kiri: what color flowers?

John: most all of them will flower.

Russ: yellow.

Kiri: okay. Questions, do you have any for Gonzo?

John: any cactus?

Kiri: questions.

John: oh….

(the phone rings)

Russ: I got it.

John: no, not right off hand. Do you have cactus on Hades?

Kiri: we don’t have them on Hades Base and Gonzo is saying that there are semi-succulent plants but none that match that description.

John: yeah, succulents and cactus do have some similarities.

Kiri: ahh.

John: could you put in a greenhouse and grow cactus on Hades Base, are you capable of doing that?

Kiri: on Hades Base yes but Gonzo’s from Sirius, she’s visiting.

John: okay and would it be possible to grow cactus on Sirius?

Kiri: no because it’s not a native plant.

John: could you introduce it in any kind of way?

Kiri: it is forbidden.

David: what do you do for kicks on Sirius?

Kiri: on Sirius, Gonzo says she hikes, she likes to eat flowers which have a narcotic effect but are non-addictive. She likes to ski, she is not very good at it because it is far for her to travel to ski. It is about eight hours for her to get to where she can ski. She likes to drink and read.

David: do they have the same…..like I don’t know, it's a different planet, what do they…..

Kiri: what do we do for fun?

David: no, not really. Are there any things up there for fun that are like totally impossible to do on Earth or are there things on Earth that’s totally impossible for them to do there?

Kiri: Gonzo says she likes to free fly which is she straps on a pair of wings and feathers on her feet and she can fly like a bird. I believe that is impossible on your planet due to the fact that the gravity is too high. As opposed to things that you have on your planet, Gonzo says she would like to drive one of your combustible propelled vehicles in a competing fashion.

John: like drag racing or something?

Kiri: something like that yes, I think I know what drag racing is.

John: what does Gonzo look like? Describe her physically, all her physical features head to toe.

Kiri: okay head to toe, well she’s about 6’1”, she has brownish hair, she has a hook nose but not too big. She has greeny eyes.

John: green eyes?

Kiri: greenish.

John: greenish eyes. Is there any white pupils to them?

Kiri: yes uh-huh.

John: does she have eyelids?

Kiri: yes.

John: and as far as getting back to her hair, her brunette hair, what length is it?

Kiri: shoulder length.

John: what length does she wear it?

Kiri: shoulder length but at the moment it’s tied in a ponytail I think you would call it, pulled back.

David: does she have big old like one inch thick strands of hair like "Predator"?

Kiri: no. Put it this way, if she walked down your street, the only thing that would strike her as different is the fact that she is tall.

David: oh, they look like humans up there on Sirius?

Kiri: yeah I look…..I’m very humanoid and I come from Sirius, in fact I’m a little bit short for a Sirian.

John: arms, legs…….

Kiri: yes.

John: and how about her reproductive system, is it similar to the humanoids in this third dimension Earth?

Kiri: very compatible, very compatible apart from we tend to be a little bit more fluid in the vaginal line, vaginal fluids.

John: and would Sirians be considered mammals how we consider humans mammals on our planet?

Kiri: uh-huh, yes. We’re very……if you were to do an autopsy on a Sirian, the only thing that would be different would be a lighter bone structure, the appendix work and I believe the heart is angled slightly differently. Blood pressure is higher of course……

David: why?

Kiri: because we’re bigger, we’re taller as a rule.

David: oh, what is an average man or…..

Kiri: average height for an average man runs at about at 6’1” to 6’3” so 6’2” would be about the average.

David: women?

Kiri: women? Again about 6’1” to 6’3”. Height…..

David: so there’s not a big height difference between women and men?

Kiri: no, no. As I said, I’m 5’11”, no I’m six feet and I’m short. However there are people taller that go as far as 6’6”. There are some people that are 6’8”, 6’9”. The tallest person on our planet was 8’3”.

John: do you guys play basketball?

Kiri: what’s basketball? We both want to know, Gonzo and myself would like to know.

John: well it’s a sport that we do for a pastime, some of us participate in it directly……

Kiri: we have a image up here on the computer of a male negro about 6’1” with big, thick glasses strapped to the side of his head…..

Russ: Kareem.

Kiri: and he’s also......another picture is being popped up of him wearing a pilot's suit carrying a basketball, is that correct, basketball?

David: 6’1’ man, Kareem’s taller than that…. 6’9”.

John: yeah Kareem’s taller than 6’1”

Kiri: 6’9”? Well it’s hard to say looking at a hologram but he’s wearing a blue flight suit in one picture and the other one he has......Lakers?

Russ: uh-huh, Lakers.

Kiri: why is he a pilot…..is he a pilot professionally and plays part-time?

Russ: no, it’s a movie that he was in.

Kiri: oh it’s a movie? Tia’s giggling.

John: yeah it’s a fictional….

Kiri: ahhh.

Russ: comedy.

John: a fictional production that we do for entertainment, it’s one of our forms of entertainment.

Kiri: oh yes we are aware of the movies.

John: along with watching these black people bounce balls. Now you referred to him as a negro?

Kiri: uh-huh.

John: do you have different….

Kiri: yes we do.

John: species on your planet?

Kiri: we have different colors.

David: is green one of them?

Kiri: (laughing) no.

David: do you have what we would consider a Caucasian?

Kiri: yes, I am white and there are people that are of very dark skin, almost black, ebony in color would be a better description. We have people that have a yellowy tinge to their skin and a red tinge to their skin.

David: that covers us too.

Kiri: uh-huh but we don’t have any people of short stature on our planet. Short stature….

David: no midgets?

Kiri: no short people.

David: not even like 5’5”?

Kiri: no, only children.

John: on Earth, the ratio of land to water is approximately one third landmass to two thirds water…..

Kiri: uh-huh.

John: how does that compare to Sirius?

Kiri: I should say it’s actually more on Sirius about fifty-fifty but we do have lakes…..we have a lot more drinking water available to us. Instead of 1% of our water, it is actually 4% of our water is drinkable.

John: is there life forms that live in these bodies of water?

Kiri: yes uh-huh, dolphins, orcas, pinnipeds. We have oh vast, different varieties of fish. We have a fish very similar to your salmon apart from it doesn’t die at the end of its life cycle. It will keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going and my father when I was little girl.....and Gonzo is telling me that I’m hogging all the time......caught one that was huge. It was about that big and about that fat and it took him about ten and a half hours to catch and he had a very thin line that was test weighted to I think it was five chee which is a measurement of weight.

Russ: hmm.

John: is Sirius a third dimensional planet?

Kiri: no, not anymore, we're sixth dimension.

John: okay, well I mean I….

Kiri: sorry, yes, I didn’t mean to sound upset.

John: I’m curious, but would you consider yourselves more evolved than the human planet?

Kiri: spiritually and psychically yes, physically no.

David: what’s the crime rate?

Kiri: what’s crime? I know what crime is, Gonzo is saying what is crime?

David: crime is actually an idea not particularly.........

Kiri: doing something that is not acceptable by people’s standards.

David: yeah.

Kiri: but we do not have….

David: sometimes immoral.

Kiri: what is immoral?

David: immoral is....it's something other than what is usually perceived as….

Kiri: correct by the people.

David: yeah, just the right way to do things or the right way to live and treat each other.

Kiri: uh-huh, the concept of taking a life is unknown to us. It is not unheard of, it happens, most the time it is accidental. Those that have committed murder and I believe there is a grand total maybe five on the planet that did it intentionally are kept separate and incarcerated and helped. Rape is unheard of, assault is unheard of. Fighting is heard of and it is normally between very select individuals that are the equivalent to your army and it is encouraged between them but they are encouraged very strongly not to hurt people that do not participate in their lifestyle.

Russ: Kiri?

Kiri: yes?

Russ: has Gonzo acclimated herself to her new position yet?

Kiri: she’s blushing and saying no. She’s got her hands on her face going, "nooo!!"

Russ: (laughing) does she ski?

Kiri: not very well.

Russ: well good, neither do I so….

Kiri: Mark is taking her up the slopes tomorrow and I’m coming along too, taking a day off.

Russ: oh good.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: well I’ll be coming up tonight so I'll just come on over and say hi.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: does she like Earl Grey tea?

Kiri: she’s still learning about tea. Okay now any more questions for Gonzo as I hogged all her time?

Russ: is she excited about the marriage coming up?

Kiri: very.

Russ: good, has she seen her wedding dress yet?

Kiri: not yet, she’s going to be trying that on tomorrow morning.

Russ: ohh good.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: well from what I heard about it, it’s going to be something to see.

Kiri: uh-huh.

John: is there a population of Sirians on earth right now?

Kiri: ................yes.

John: are they in the third dimension?

Kiri: yes.

John: are they any kind of threat to the human race?

Kiri: yes and no. Russ, are there any Sirians in your room, ancestors of Sirians?

Russ: yeah all of us.

Kiri: uh-huh, you’re all a threat to each other unfortunately so yes they are a threat and no they are not a threat, very convoluted but I’ve got to apologize, I’m hogging all the time for Gonzo.

Russ: well that’s all right, will she able to come by every once in a while for our channeling sessions?

Kiri: it is unlikely, it is unlikely.

Russ: what is she going to be doing while she’s up there, besides being a bride-to-be?

Kiri: well she’s going to be doing the tourist thing.

Russ: ohhhh.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: well that will be fun.

Kiri: yeah.

John: what exactly is Russ’s role with Gonzo......

Kiri: a teacher.

John: on this premarital…

Kiri: teacher.

Russ: right, I was talking to her about Earth the other day when she first got up there.

Kiri: yes, they teach each other.

John: so she's curious, is Gonzo curious?

Kiri: very curious, yes.

Russ: because it’s a part of the family now and she doesn't understand that part of the family….

Kiri: yes.

Russ: but explain to her I’m kind of sorry for being so ghost-like and fading out there at the last.

Kiri: she says that is all right.

John: will Russ and Gonzo have physical contact, will Russ be able to solidify himself?

Kiri: the only person that can answer that question she is saying is Russ.

Russ: that’s right but yes it is very possible…

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: it’s how much effort I can get to it.

John: and Russ will be visiting Gonzo on Hades Base while she’s visiting Hades Base?

Kiri: she says yes.

John: and then after her marriage she’s going to return to Sirius?

Kiri: that is correct.

John: can she visit Earth?

Kiri: no, she’s not permitted to.

John: is she capable of doing it?

Kiri: if she was to hop aboard one of our patrol ships she could certainly come down to your planet, walk down the street, nobody would raise an eyebrow apart from as I said her height. However, the reason why she won’t come to your planet is the same reason as I’m not allowed to go is because I do not understand money, I do not understand your customs, I do not understand your taboos, I do not understand your laws, I do not understand things you would call common sense. For example, when you cross a street you have to stop when there are vehicles, they don’t stop for you. The few vehicles we have on Sirius, they stop for you. Even if it is a very busy area with maybe one every 30 seconds, they have to stop and let you cross…..

John: what form of transportation are you referring to, does it use an internal combustion engine similar to us?

Kiri: no, no.

Russ: gravity.

Kiri: uh-huh, it’s a gravimetric…..do you want me to explain how it works?

John: sure.

Kiri: okay gravimetrical….

Russ: we have about three minutes of tape left.

Kiri: how many?

Russ: three.

Kiri: and Tia is shouting, "no".

John: can we talk about this some other time?

(The tape comes to an end)