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(Bunny informs us that she is heading back home and while there she will be checking out some property she got in a trade where half of the lot is growing blue flowers. This came as a surprise as the former owner didn’t know they were there.) 

Russ: you ever go visit your acreage?

Bunny: uh-huh, it’s nice acreage.

Russ: well that’s good.

Bunny: uh-huh. It actually abuts on to……about half of it has a whole load of blue flowers on it.

Russ: well, there you go, it’s an investment property at that point then.

Bunny: uh-huh, he didn’t even know that, he just thought it was mountain stuff. I went up there, he’d never been up there.

Russ: oh, inherited land.

Bunny: uh-huh. So I went up there and checked it out and I’m walking around the property perimeter and I’ve got out my guide and it was sort of like I come across all these blue flowers that are just budding and I’m going, “hmmm” and I follow the guide and I follow the guide and half an acre of it is blue flowers.

Russ: wow, you’re a blue flower farmer now.

Bunny: I had approximately 12 dozen produced from there.

Russ: really? That’s…..

Bunny: this year if I’d been farming it instead of letting it go natural I would’ve taken a loss because we got three crops out of it.

Russ: wow really?

Bunny: uh-huh and they weren't even that good.

Russ: well….

Bunny: I tried to use them as a cure for my problem?

Russ: uh-huh.

Bunny: and it just made me worse.

Russ: we have the same problem down here with alcohol.

Bunny: uh-huh, I just went from one personality to another a lot faster.

Russ:  hmm.

Bunny: I remember on one occasion being so confused by what was going on I just sat in my room and cried all night.

Russ: anyway, good to have you back Bunny.

Bunny: uh-huh yeah, I’m back but I still have that aspect but they’re controlled.

Russ: well that’s good. Like I say, it’s probably strengthened you.

Bunny: oh yeah, I think it has.

Russ: okay sweetheart, have fun.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: go nuts, we'll see you tomorrow.

Bunny: okay, bye.

Russ: bye.