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(Karra gives us an example of sixth dimensional jokes she knows but they fall a bit flat in the third dimension. What it does give us is a better understanding of the form of humor found on Sirius. Not being telepathic, we had a lot of trouble getting jokes meant to be shared mind-to-mind.) 

Karra: hello.

Russ: hi Karra.

Karra: hello, hello Skip.

Skip: hello Karra.

Karra: it's good to see you.

Skip: my pleasure.

Karra: it's been a little while hasn't it?

Skip: yeah, quite a while in fact.

Karra: about six months.

Skip: yeah, maybe even a little longer than that.

Karra: I think the last time you were up was sometime in October.

Skip: could be, yeah.

Karra: my, that's seven months.

Skip: yeah, it sure is.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: eight, nine months.

Karra: yeah, wow.

Skip: this is the sixth month already darling of our calendar.

Karra: yes I know, that's it threw me. So it would be eight months.

Skip: yeah.

Karra: my math sucks tonight as you guys might say.

Skip: yeah it's been quite a while.

Karra: yes it has.

Skip: sorry about that, I just haven't had the opportunity to get up here.

Karra: well these things happen unfortunately.

Skip: oh yeah.

Karra: what with snow and floods and avalanches and mudslides and forest fires.

Skip: and water.

Karra: and water.

Skip: and water.

Karra: and more water.

Skip: you got that right.

Russ: we did see a lot of it.

Skip: we've had a whole bunch of it the first of this year.

Karra: yes, you guys need to buy life vests.

Skip: I'm sorry?

Karra: life vests.

Russ: life vests? You know life preservers?

Skip: oh life....no.

Karra: flotation devices.

Skip: no, no.

Karra: why not?

Skip: I don't know, never thought about it.

Karra: I'm joking.

Skip: be nice.

Karra: it is a.....

Skip: but you do it with such a straight face I can never tell.

Karra: I know. Your earth humor is sometimes very difficult to follow. Sirian humor is something that you take cynicism and use it as a humorous tool. For example, yes you had a lot of water, maybe a life vest might be in order sometime in the future. That way it's a play on words. You take the cynicism of the possibility with the past and you have a humor. Two people walking down the street, two young people, a male and a female and they're walking down the street and they're very much in the bloom of first love. And the guy turns around, this is a sixth dimensional joke as well, turns around to his first love and goes, "Honey, marry me." And she turns around and looks back and she goes, "but darling, we are married." Hmm, okay let me explain that.

(everyone laughs)

Karra: the way it works is that they are experiencing both the now......he's experiencing the now and she's experiencing the past where they were and he wants the now you see?

Russ: I can see where you need to be sixth dimensional to really be able to really pick that one up on the first part.

Karra: yeah it's a mind joke.

Russ: hmmm right. Best told telepathically probably too.

Karra: yes, it's hard sometimes to tell some of our jokes orally. Here's an oral mountain joke. The Sage is sitting on the top of the mountain and the devotee climbs up and says, "Oh wise one, how do you get to be so wise?" And the wise one stands up, lifts up the back of his robe, pulls down his underwear and says, "Look at the calluses." (Skip chuckles) Skip got that one. It's a lot of hard work to be wise. Russ, you didn't get it did you?

Russ: I did, got it from let's see, sitting around a lot thinking?

Karra: he's got it hasn't he? My.