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(Kiri relates a trip she made to Sirius to visit her grandmother and Sarah which is one of the best of the tales from home so far. Her grandmother is a nun in a monastery high in the mountains of Sirius where no vehicles are permitted except in emergencies. It's an excellent travelog of how getting up a mountain in a storm with two small children and a Sirian version of a mule was possible only through all three of them utilizing their psychic skills.) 

Russ: tell me about your trip.

Kiri: okay, what do you want to know?

Russ: well I want to know about Sarah, how the trip up to the monastery went.

Kiri: oh, the trip to the monastery.

Russ: traveling on little burros and stuff and........

Kiri: burros? What's a burro?

Russ: donkeys for whatever you guys.......horses.

Kiri: oh, a mal.

Russ: mule, whatever you guys traveled up there on.

Kiri: yeah, a mal.

Russ: I want to know all about you don't what was this......how was the trip? What happened? What did the kids think of it?

Kiri: well, Alex behaved himself. Walked and walked and walked until his feet got tired and then carried on walking and I think he would have walked all the way if he hadn't of started stumbling from fatigue. So I put him in the backpack. I had Leonedies on my chest because he complained after walking 100 yards that his feet were hurting and I told him why don't he fix his own feet? And he goes, "don't want to." So we had a little argument over that. Then we were hiking up and we got up to the cloud level which would be...quick fast time....carry the three.....about 5,000 feet and we got caught in a thunderstorm and there was hail and rain and it was windy and it was cold and it was nasty and it was wet and I had a warm spot on my chest and he was all bone dry and I'm absolutely drenched. So I got Alex to dry us out which serves no purpose whatsoever apart from the fact of giving us temporary warmth whilst we got wet all over again. So I had a debate with Leonedies about the importance of shielding us to keep us dry. It got to the point where it was my will against his and who has a stronger will?

Russ: you do.

Kiri: of course. So he put a shield over us whilst Alex did as he was told yet again and dried us out totally. We got up to about the 7,000 foot level and the light was going so I got Alex to manifest a light source and got Leonedies to use his ultra vision so that we stayed on the correct course. We got there at about 10 o'clock, well it would be about 10 o'clock if it was on Sirius........on earth.....on the base. As time is, it was three hours after dark.

Russ: right.

Kiri: we got there, we went straight to our quarters, I put the children to bed and went down and checked in on Sarah. Sarah was sound asleep when I got there.

Russ: oh good.

Kiri: she had waited and waited and waited and she had finally fallen asleep sitting in the chair waiting so I helped to carry her to bed and put her to bed. Got up early the following morning and this is all on the disk that I sent.

Russ: I didn't get a disk yet.

Kiri: oh well nevermind.

Russ: I haven't been up to check it out.

Kiri: oh, then got up in the morning, had breakfast. Sarah was already up and awake and she had done her normal one-mile walk that she does every morning and she was waiting for us. We sat down and we talked pretty much all day whilst Leonedies went off with grandmother and looked at the records and spent a a lot of time in the library and helping grandmother with her, her work. Alex I sat down and told him to read a book which he went through the whole entire book from end to end and went through it again while Sarah and myself were talking and then went through it again and he could probably recite the book word for word by now because I forgot about him I was so happy to see Sarah. Remembered him at about 6 o'clock in the evening and the nuns had been giving him food when they thought that he was hungry and they were, "oh my, such a well-behaved, polite, courteous young man." And he is, boringly so.

Russ: oh please.

Kiri: Leonedies had been off on the astral plane with his great-grandmother, my grandmother. We sat down for dinner and all of us, that's my grandmother, Sarah, Alex and Leonedies all sat down. Leonedies got fed up with dinner and decided he would go off and play. I wouldn't let him because it's not polite for him to leave the table whilst everybody's eating.

Russ: right.

Kiri: whereupon he set fire to the chair. Alex just sat there and watched the chair burn and did nothing. So I had the spank him so that Leonedies knows that it is wrong to set fire to furniture and that he should sit there and wait. There was no point letting him sit on the ashes because it wouldn't have bothered him in the slightest. He would have probably manifested it back together as one whole thing but it's wrong and impolite and it's a moral issue that I'm dealing with him. That was the second day, well the first full day actually. Got up and joined Sarah on her walk with Alex. Leonedies refused to get up because he was sulking. Came back and after our walk and there was a whole load of flowers in the room and Leonedies asking or begging for forgiveness. Set up the recording device and we had a long chat, Sarah and myself. Kept Alex with me this time and we talked about growing and learning and development and what she felt about things and what she thought about this, what she thought about that, how she felt about her childhood, what she thought she did wrong, basically looking at her life. In the afternoon after lunch we went down and we polished her return box, a little cramped for me but it feels very, very comfortable. Alex manifested a soft toy for her which made her cry.

Russ: how neat.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: that's good of Alex.

Kiri: yeah. Leonedies manifested a very intricate lot of flowers. Very intricate petals and everything for her. Kind of, "I can do better than my brother" routine. That's something else that worries me but we'll leave that alone.

Russ: right.

Kiri: okay that was the second day. We sat down and she fell asleep eating dinner so put her to bed. Alex, Leonedies and myself went out and stargazed and I pointed out special stars like my mother did when I was little. And pretty much that's how much the other three days went. The return trip was very uneventful apart from the mal was a little bit cranky so I had to coerce it. Being lighter on food and stuff going down, I let Alex and Leonedies sit on its back until it decided it was going to sit and not doing anything so I coerced it. Didn't get caught in any rain. We got down to the bottom of the mountain at about sunset just before it started snowing up there. Spent the night at home.

Russ: how's your dad?

Kiri: he's doing great.

Russ: he is? How's Gonzo?

Kiri: Gonzo's doing wonderful and their young one's doing excellent.

Russ: great.

Kiri: spent a very, very enjoyable evening with dad and Gonzo. Dad took the children into town which left me and Gonzo time to......

Russ: converse?

Kiri: yes, converse. The following day, drove back to the space port, met up with Bunny and her sister and her brother. And I spent the afternoon after dad left with Bunny and she showed me around town and then we rejoined her brother and sister and got on the shuttle back.