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(Kiri reads from part three of the Sirian Chronicles and answers questions. Parts one and two haven't come up yet in the podcasts so for now can only be accessed online at the links below. The entire history of Sirius is the future of Earth and thus important in our quest for our own ascension.) 

Kiri: okay, down to business. Yo dude.

Russ: what's up Kiri?

Kiri: I don't know, I've never been there.

Russ: yeah you have.

Kiri: I've been there all the time so what's up? Okay let us get serious here.

Russ: got it.

Kiri: Mark's got a runny nose.

Russ: yeah I know.

Kiri: I think it's because it's been dry and now with all the humidity it's just unclogged everything.

Russ: that makes sense.

Kiri: uh-huh. Okay let us start with the Sirian Chronicles part two. Let us start with a preface and let us start by calling the preface the house of Sarra although it's not the house of Sarra until the end. Let us step back in time to a time when a third dimensional planet was starting to undergo changes and the mass exodus' were happening from Sirius in the third dimension to other worlds.

(Earth was one of these worlds)

Numerous races were leaving and going to new planets and leaving because the planet was dying basically. The sun was undergoing a metamorphosis which was generating higher radiation. At the time there weren't any genetic failings or noticeable conditions caused by the increase in radiation. This is something that would take a few more thousand years to become noticeable. But, several great houses were moving away and a great house had a splitting. Two members of the house argued with their parents and decided that the house should split. They moved to a new world and they settled down and they raised a family. But the planet that they settled on was a little unstable and itself starting to undergo a metamorphosis. Their children decided it was time to move but they couldn't decide which way to move. One son of three turned and managed to get home to Sirius on a shuttle. The other two went off elsewhere, the records are not fully clear on that but we have our conjectures. He arrived back on his homeworld and after many years noticing the changes, moved into a high area away from the populations where all the trouble and strife was going on. His soulmate gave birth to a daughter. When the changes started she was a young lady and she had a great following and that was the house of Sarra. Now after the ascension........

(to the 6th dimension)

This is where it starts with the Sirian Chronicles part two as you would like to call them.

Russ: actually this will be part three.

Kiri: why?

Russ: I already have part one on the webpage.

Kiri: well this be part two then.

Russ: I only have got the rest of the tape to transcribe yet, because you told me not to.

Kiri: okay we'll go with that, okay so this is the Sirian Chronicles as you would call it part three and we shall title it, "The House That Sarra Built."


   The land had been settled and the families had become great, a development in union and consciousness of working together transpired. Teamwork within houses and families that had been created after the arising became mighty and powerful. The mightiest of them all unfortunately became the corruptest of all. The house of Sarra had moved high and became isolated due to the aura of Sarra. Sarra had not changed in her appearance or in her attitude but her children collected and coveted the power of her being the first to walk. Her son had stayed the same also, he had developed fully and maturally and had become wise. Sarra stayed as she was, in later years she became isolated, not knowing what was going on around. Now the problems within the family occurred. Sarra noticed these illnesses developing. Her son, often gone seeking enlightenment himself, had become weak because of his quest for knowledge and understanding. Sarra one day called her family around. At this time it was close to 15,000 strong. Her body had changed rapidly and suddenly and from her bed she spoke to them all and said it is now my time to depart, take me home to where I first walked and from there take me on high. At this time the entrance to the cap was still free to those of great power. She climbed up and went within and lay down but before she did she projected. An image of her head appeared above the great pyramid and she stated, "when it is time, I shall return, then union will be complete. I promise this to you." Then she sealed herself within. Many tried to go up to see her to see if she was still there, none could get in. Years passed and her son came to visit from his trip for he had not heard that that his mother had sealed herself away within. He climbed up and walked within and there she was old and shriveled and had been waiting for him. He sat down and asked what was her problem. She said that she was old and tired and the family had become corrupt and mighty. She said that this was an echo of the family that had.....sorry, my transcription here is not very clear. She said that she was worried that the family would become as those of the Masters, referring to Tonar the corrupt and cruel. She said that she would come back and only a non-native adopted by the people would be able to come in and that would be her line. Her son looked upon her with concern and worry as she closed her eyes for the last time and went into the sleep. He prayed that she would be reborn soon and in his mind she said that she would return to a non-native line. He called and in his mind he heard her voice stating to watch what was to come, to beware and then she was gone. But it was not the voice from the awaiting, it was the voice from the realm of the round (?). Her son walked out into the light of day and the moon had passed many phases. He walked and told the families that she had passed and was now asleep. He told them of her prophecy but he kept the warning to himself. The question that we have asked ever since is was he right or was he wrong to do so? The warning of the family that was now corrupted. Time passed and he passed into the land of awaiting and the family grew strong and mighty but yet within it echoes of the past started to appear. A young man arose, strong and mighty and powerful. He had three of the five and he sought himself a maiden to bear his children. On a winters day, and this is well documented, he was out hiking in the high country looking for flowers to take home to his intended. Upon a rock sunning herself in all her morning glory was a young maiden. No more than maybe 15 summers but there she sat sunning herself in all her glory. He walked up and she was the image of Sarra. She was beautiful, intelligent and somewhat unwashed. He walked up to her and asked her what was her name. She said her name was Teela. And Teela in the language of the hills means shy but she was not. She sat upon the rocks and sunned herself and he sat below and worshiped. He could not approach her, she was powerful and strong with coercion. He asked her many questions and she answered very few. Finally as the sun was setting, she asked him to come up and sit on the rocks next to her. He tried to climb but he could not make the climb. He walked around and he still could not get close. He wondered how she had got to sit on such a precarious place and tried to puzzle how she'd climb down. And he sat at the foot and he said I will try again and she goes "things are not as they seem to be." He climbed up and climbed and climbed and climbed and then fell. And as he fell, he landed right next to her, something very odd was going on here. She laughed and chuckled and said "tricks of the mind are games to play". They sat and they talked til the sunset and she said she was cold and it was time to go home. She climbed down and he was stuck. She laughed and chuckled and said "you got up there, you can get down the same way." With trepidation, he threw himself off the rock and stood up next to her. "Odd things around this young lady" he thought. They walked up high and climbed higher and higher and it started to snow and it puzzled him how she did not seem to get cold. He thought, "it must be my ancestor, it has to be Sarra". And they came to a house, if you could call it that, and it was dirty and unkempt and a very poor place. A lady came dressed in rags followed by a man bent with only one arm and old and ancient. They invited in the lord to share their meager meal. And the young lady just sat and laughed and chatted and they were proud of their only child. The days followed and he came to see her bringing gifts and she never accepted one. Her parents smiled sweetly and said that she was too young. Every day he came, he brought gifts of wealth and beauty and she just looked at them and said they were nice but she could not accept them. The days turned into months, the months turned into years, the years turned into decades and she just smiled sweetly and said they all looked nice. He spent his fortune, the power of his house was drained away and he became poor like her. One day they were out for a walk on a mountain path high, high up. They came to a valley and in it were beautiful flowers. She had never accepted any gift from him. She was now fully bloomed of womanhood and strong and brave and showing her full talents. She reached down and picked up a stone and threw it into the air and it flew like the wind. He reached down, picked up a rare flower and said "here my love, for you". She smiled and his heart said she would never accept but she took the flower and stuck it in her hair and they kissed for the first time. They walked hand-in-hand through the land till they came upon this other valley, down low on a plain and a rocky outcrop overlooking the land. Trees all around and land beautiful and she goes "this is my home, this is where I belong". And he goes "you are as beautiful as Sarra" and she chuckled and she said, "I am never Sarra. I may look like her, I've been told I look like her but I would never be Sarra". They sat down and they decided to make a name. The name of the highlands is their name. Their house was built strong and pure, many children did they have. Eons passed, countings of time. One day he returned, long after his body had decayed, a new body of his for habitation. Young and strong he met Sarra, pure and beautiful, his Sarra, not the Sarra of the family line. Poor country girl, barefoot and beautiful. We'll end the history and the preface of the line of Sarra and this little bit of the Sirian Chronicles, we'll take a quick tea break.

Kiri: as Russ rummages through the.....

Russ: actually, before that, so he died and came back and met with Sarra?

Kiri: no, met his Sarra.

Russ: his Sarra I mean.

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: what was their name that they gave to the mountain?

Kiri: the family name.

Russ: which is?

Kiri: from the highlands.

Russ: which is Tanaka.

Kiri: my, aren't we smart? Yeah, when we were at our most powerfulest, the family Tanaka, this was before it became the family Tanaka, right? When it was a line of Sarra........

Russ: right.

Kiri: it was really powerful, we controlled, or the family controlled about 40% of the whole entire planet and people and populace.

Russ: this is sixth dimensional Sirius?

Kiri: yes.

Russ: right.

Kiri: you're talking controlling 40% of your planet in comparison.

Russ: right.

Kiri: total control. If the head of the family said that this 40% was to be wiped out, that there would be no more of this 40%, then that was her power. The fact that Sarra would never do that but her children were the ones doing all the infighting. They knew she was old, they knew that she was getting ready to leave and she had many children. She had I should say about 60, 70 children both male and female. And then think about their grandchildren and there was a fair bit of incest going on in the family as well.

Russ: but now where is the line of Tanaka in the ruling line of Sirius now? Is there such a thing as equality between all the lines or are some lines greater than others?

Kiri: some lines are greater than the others but the rule is that there is equality. But...

Russ: but that's not always the case.

Kiri: not always the case. A mighty house right? Will be elected by the other houses to be president for the lifetime of the individual or as long as the individual wants it. Our family has been elected many times since Tanaka's been around, since dad's been on the hot seat as he calls it. Many times and every time he goes, "no". In fact there is another election coming up in like three years.

(and this time he accepted)

Russ: why did he turn it down? Besides of course the awesome responsibilities that goes along with that.

Kiri: something that Miranda........

(his previous bond mate and mother of Kiri and Karra)

Kiri: taught him long ago, long ago, that being a mighty, powerful individual in a powerful line......you've got to remember she was a simple country girl as she'd always been in all of her lives except for this last one, this current one.....

(as the daughter of Alana)

Kiri: but, she's always liked the simple things.

Russ: but at the same time....

Kiri: she's always been horny as well but that's besides the point.

Russ: doesn't the story of your dad meeting Miranda bear a striking resemblance to this young gentleman and his Sarra?

Kiri: huh-hmm, I think they've acted it out many, many times over the eons.

Russ: hmm, very romantic.

Kiri: I think it's very romantic. But the interesting thing is.........

Russ: we're just romantics at heart.

Kiri: yeah but the rock that over sticks into the valley?

Russ: still there?

Kiri: kind of. You know what sits on it now?

Russ: the family house?

Kiri: uh-hmm.......that's because that's where they consummated their relationship. It's a strong fortress as well. There's caves and cellars and you'll have to go there one day and just see the whole house.

Russ: I've only strolled the grounds, I haven't been inside the whole house.

Kiri: well if you go into the main hall right? You remember as you come into the main hall right, you got that corner that is very dark and dingy, plants and stuff all around.

Russ: on the left?

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: well if you go further on there right? It becomes jagged like a grotto. The fact that you haven't noticed that you've gone down at an angle like that for about maybe three or four hundred feet is besides the point. You're actually underneath and behind the house. In fact, if you were to go directly up, you know the outdoor swimming pool?

Russ: I've haven't been there, no.

Kiri: no there's an outdoor swimming pool. Do you know what you would be directly underneath the outdoor swimming pool?

Russ: oh really?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and that's the rock that was there?

Kiri: no, the house is built on the rock right? You know the big long stairway right? That leads up to the front door......

Russ: yeah, right in front as you walk in.

Kiri: yeah and then you go into the great Hall?

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: that rock is hidden by the brickwork there and the stairs.

Russ: oh, interesting.

Kiri: uh-hmm, I've always wanted to take the brickwork away and the stairs and just have a kind of escalator kind of thing. I just want to see the rock in the light instead of being hidden.

Russ: oh I agree.

Kiri: it would be nice. Supposedly, I've never seen it, but it's got veins of quartz and crystals and in fact the supposedly lots of crystals throughout in the grotto. If you go all the way to the back of the grotto there's lots of amethyst and quartz crystals. And there's a crystal there that's about yea big, beautiful crystal.

Russ: that would be a trip.

Kiri: uh-hmm. Okay...

Russ: I guess I should visit the old family home.

Kiri: yes.

Russ: again.

Kiri: again and this time look at it properly instead of "oh, it's a nice big house".

Russ: well it is a nice big house. I'm just going to see your dad. Like your dad doesn't want all this trappings of.......

Kiri: no he doesn't.

Russ: I mean like I'm not going like, "whoa awesome man". I'm going, "hey let's have some tea"

Kiri: well you've seen him, he wanders around in a robe that's not exactly the best quality is there?

Russ: I haven't seen him since the rejuvenation.

Kiri: yeah, but his robes that he wears, I mean they're not exactly the finest satins, the finest silks.

Russ: you got him that?

Kiri: well I think that the gift from.....

Russ: Miranda.

Kiri: yeah but he likes the simpler things in life.

Russ: how's your dad and Miranda get along together?

(daughter of Alana and incarnation of his former bond mate)

Kiri: they get on okay.

Russ: I wasn't there at that meeting.

Kiri:  well Miranda kind of I think gave a slight cold shoulder.

Russ: I would of thought there'd be grudging acceptance at least.

Kiri: well, she's little at the moment. I mean come off it, I mean she's barely out of diapers right?

Russ: yes but I thought I trained her better than that.

(it is also Karra's granddaughter)

Kiri: well, at the moment she's got the typical sixth dimensional child of, "I've got to be the center of attention." A little bit like.....

Russ: yeah well, but Kevin's always going to be above her.

(her brother)

Kiri: you think so, you wait.

Russ: he thinks so.

Kiri: yes he thinks so but you don't know.

Russ: it's just his kid sister you know.

Kiri: yeah, they haven't developed the full connection with their past lives, unlike...

Russ: not till they hit 15 right?

Kiri: no, 21.

Russ: 21, that's it.

Kiri: unlike Leonedies whose fully operational, fully functional, has full access, knows exactly what's going on, fortunately he knows when to shut up.

Russ: yeah right...."Mom, quiet"

Kiri: no, when it comes to past lives and spilling the beans.

Russ: oh, I see.

Kiri: I mean he knows that if he tells Miranda what he knows about her past lives, she's just either going to burst out crying or just find it absolutely funny. Anyway, back to part three of the Sirian Chronicles. Okay, let us step back and answer questions that you have.

Russ: okay. Now with the...let's seeā€¦so he died.....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and she died.........

Kiri: yes.

Russ: and when they both died, then they came back as material beings or immaterial beings.......

Kiri: for a time.

Russ: and they walked together for a time as immaterial beings........

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: like the youths that they were?

Kiri: uh-hum...are we talking about Sarra or the start of our family?

Russ: the start of the family.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: and what was his name?

Kiri: well he took the name Tanaka, that was the only thing that is recorded in the records, the house Tanaka.

Russ: it said a young man arose........

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: never really had a name to arose to.

Kiri: but the thing is that him showering gifts upon her was part of his learning experience. Each gift that he gave was more expensive.

Russ: why didn't he just give them back or sell them back and make his money back?

Kiri: I think it was a stigma thing.

Russ: oh, so what happened to all the gifts?

Kiri: they're probably stashed somewhere. He probably stashed them somewhere in a big treasure pile somewhere, a big dragon's horde somewhere.

Russ: so he was never really just poor?

Kiri: no he had no use for them after, they were gifts that he could never give....that's it, I knew there was logic behind it, they were gifts to he could never give back because each gift was a gift of love.

Russ: ahh.

Kiri: but the gift of love itself was the fact that before she agreed to bonding, they had to be equals on her terms.

Russ: I mean makes a great story and everything but I mean what did they live on out there? Fruits and berries?

Kiri: fruits, berries, deer......

Russ: and they lived to be like 300 years.

Kiri: no, they were living close to a thousand.

Russ: why don't they live that way now?

Kiri: why don't we live that way now?

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: because of their struggle. They built the house. They had about 15, 20 children before their first regen.

Russ: but what did they feed them all? They were broke, they had nothing but flowers out there and their mom and dad had nothing either.

Kiri: they were lower down in the valley where it was more abundant. There was plenty of pastureland to have cattle to grow milk and.......

Russ: so he became a farmer or something?

Kiri: basically yeah. It was his property anyway.

Russ: oh it was?

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: you never mentioned that part.

Kiri: oh didn't I?

Russ: no.

Kiri: well it was all his property anyway. Don't forget.....

Russ: well she said it was her home.

Kiri: yeah, they lived on the property.

Russ: but he never, how did he get the property before she knew it was her home?

Kiri: it's like he was the landlord.

Russ: so he was like wandering his land and he came upon her?

Kiri: yeah basically, sitting upon the rock.

Russ: and they were kind of like squatters on his land kind of thing?

Kiri: no, no they just leased the land from him.

Russ: oh he didn't know them?

Kiri: well think about it, you've got approximately a million square of your acres right? Are you going to know everybody that lives on there?

Russ: I'd try.

Kiri: well think about it, are you going to know maybe 20 or 30,000 individuals?

Russ: well I mean you said the guy was hunting right?

Kiri: no he was out walking.

Russ: I thought he was hunting. Okay he was walking and he met her.

Kiri: yes she was sitting upon a rock sunning herself in all her glory.

Russ: she was nude.

Kiri: yeah basically.

Russ: so they went back to her mom and dad's house nude? And they had dinner that night while she was nude?

Kiri: yes.

Russ: doesn't mom and dad have a problem with some guy in the house with their daughter nude?

Kiri: no.

Russ: (chuckles) okay, I don't know, I'm just getting used to this whole Sirian customs. I'm of course a little strange down here, you wouldn't of course see that. It be like, "get your clothes on, what are you doing...?"

Kiri: are we thinking a little third dimensionally this evening?

Russ: I mean did she go around nude all the time I mean?

Kiri: she wore what she wanted to wear. I don't know, the records aren't that clear. The fact that she was totally naked....

Russ: I don't know, I just go, "did she always wear clothes?"

Kiri: probably yes, I mean, you seen me walking around in the buff.

Russ: yeah but not all the time.

Kiri: no you've seen me walking through the base by accident.

Russ: I mean maybe she had like a toga sitting there by the rock or something she got into after she got down off the rock?

Kiri: now she was.....the records are.....

Russ: the records are clear that she was nude for dinner?

Kiri: she was nude the whole entire evening.

Russ: the whole entire evening.

Kiri: day and evening.

Russ: but not anytime after that.

Kiri: well that's not recorded but there are paintings of her in clothing.

Russ: there's no wonder why they had so many kids is there?

Kiri: there was a lot of love between them. Yeah there was a lot of love.

Russ: I mean I do it every day too if there was a nude chick all hanging around and everything. I mean day and night for years and decades, heck yeah.

Kiri: you're thinking third dimensionally dear.

Russ: it's a lovely thought sweetheart.

Kiri: yes, I know..

Russ: okay, that's all the questions I have. Great questions though.

Kiri: was she nude? Yes. And yes, you've seen her nude.

Russ: yes Karra.

Kiri: yes.

Russ: yes, I'd be there every bloody day man. "Excuse me, is your daughter home? Hi, I'm back, hey look at this"

Kiri: "I brought you a dress"

Russ: yeah right. "I don't want it". "Okay no problem".

Kiri: she never said that she didn't want it, she just said I can't accept.

Russ: I would bring her a dress everyday.

Kiri: but the moral of the story is that she had to be of an equal.

Russ: I understand, good story.

Kiri: she had to be equal before she could bond with him.

Russ: well how many abilities did she have? You said he had three out of five. Do the records state how many she had?

Kiri: yes, she only had two.

Russ: she had two, coercion and.....

Kiri: healing.

Russ: healing. So how did she get off the rock and make this thing do what it did to him?

Kiri: think about it, it's all in the mind.

Russ: and?

Kiri: he thought that he couldn't get down.

Russ: that was part of the coercion?

Kiri: yes.

Russ: ahh.

Kiri: he thought.

Russ: well aren't we talking.....I mean you can't do that can you?

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: you can do that?

Kiri: uh-huh, I can make your mind think it's done things.

Russ: alright. Fascinating.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: what was his gifts?

Kiri: he was a manifester, PK loaded and he was a.....

Russ: astral projector?

Kiri: yeah but not loaded.

Russ: so all five?

Kiri: that's the full five, that's where the potential starts.

Russ: so how many of their children were competent in all five?

Kiri: none.

Russ: ever?

Kiri: ever.

Russ: ever, to this day?

Kiri: to this day and to this point.

Russ: what about Leonedies?

Kiri: Leonedies is the first.

Russ: ahhhhh....now what does this bode for the future then?

Kiri: I don't know, what does it bode?

Russ: well, I'd say it bodes well. I mean now all of a sudden you've got your first five-fold ability being in the house of Tanaka.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: that should mean that it took this long for all the generations to finally mix and one of them have to go all the way to earth, be on third dimension, come back up and impregnate one of the house of Tanaka's line.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: so they are both from the house of Tanaka, they both hook up, they have....

Kiri: no, no, no, no, they're not both from the house of Tanaka. The house of Tanaka when the mass migration started, did not exist. The line that became the house of Sarra existed.

Russ: well Tanaka was our father of Maxxus and Naxxus.........

(a past life when Mark and I were brothers migrating to earth from third dimensional Sirius)

Kiri: correct.

Russ: but he was not of the house of Tanaka, because there was no house of Tanaka.

Kiri: that's correct, that's what we said all along.

Russ: he was in the line of Sarra.

Kiri: no, the line of Sarra came later from that line. It's a tree right? You have a branch or you have the trunk right? It grows up straight.

Russ: right.

Kiri: this is the line that is before the house of Sarra. This is the line of Sarra right? Notice you have parts the line going off here right? Okay, this is line of Sarra, now this new branch here breaking off is the house Tanaka.

Russ: right.

Kir: and the house of Sarra ended, I think it was like four or five generations later. It tore itself to pieces and it broke up but the line that stayed the purest was the line of Tanaka.

Russ: got it.

Kiri: this was close to a thousand years after the death of Sarra.

Russ: but this is the breakup of the migrations happened with the house of Tonar?

Kiri: correct. That was before the house of Tonar the Corrupt right? There was the mass migrations.

Russ: right and that was from the children of the daughters of Tonar.

Kiri: correct.

Russ: who was the parents of...

Kiri: no.

Russ: well the ancestors of..

Kiri: no.

Russ: the daughters of Tonar....

Kiri: were the religious order that worshiped Tonar the corrupt. They were slain by the tribe.....I can't remember the full name of the tribe now.

Russ: the tribe of.....

Kiri: light, truth, justice.

Russ: light, truth, justice, something like that.

Kiri: yeah, who became the 144,000 that sequestered themselves within the rock.

(that made up the Great Pyramid of Sirius)

Russ: right, now that tribe is the ancestors of Tanaka who was Maxxus and Naxxus' dad.

Kiri: no. This all occurred after the Exodus off the planet when people were going off to earth.

Russ: right.

Kiri: right, his two sons supposedly, or three sons, one went back Sirius right?

Russ: oh, it's Mars.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: which is third dimensional Mars.

Kiri: that's correct.

Russ: which we now see the ruins of.

Kiri: possibly. All right, one son went back to Sirius right?

Russ: right.

Kiri: and started the line that became the house of Sarra right? It was his daughter that was Sarra.

Russ: right.

Kiri: okay, his two brothers went on to earth and tried to kill each other frequently and have done for eons and will probably do for eons.

Russ: we are not.

Kiri: oh come off it, when you two get your swords out and start poking each other....

Russ: oh we're just messing around having fun. Good gosh killing each other, it's never serious. We're working quite well together as a team I might add. And we're brothers right? Brothers-in-law, close enough.

Kiri: close enough. I think the term brothers-in-outlaw springs to mind for some reason..heheheh.

Russ: yeah right.

Kiri: but, could you scan a picture in if I was to draw a line and then put in the tree?

Russ: yeah sure.

Kiri: okay, if you want to kill the tape and get me a piece of paper.