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(Omal gives a dissertation on the differences between the third and sixth dimensions. They turn out to be pretty major in how in one dimension the emphasis is on the group advancing consciously as a whole compared to a dimension where the individual in on their own.) 

Omal: okay, let me get to my dissertation, difference between sixth dimensional way of living and third dimensional way of living. Sixth dimensional way of living is basically concerned with dealing with the group and interacting in the consciousness of a group of beings of different ethnic, cultural backgrounds and accepting that your morals are different from their morals but yet interacting in a way where all morals react and interact in a correct fashion that is necessary for harmony. Harmony is an important part of consciousness. Being able to interact and be aware that something that you may take as pleasure may irritate somebody else or be morally wrong for somebody else and not practicing that in their presence until you find otherwise is part of the sixth dimensional, conscious, moral behavior. Behaving in a way that is decadent, irritating and annoying as perceived by other individuals is morally wrong. Individuals being offended by your morals in itself is morally wrong. It is an acceptance of all the consciousness and moral interactions in a sixth dimensional capacity.

Third dimensional morals. Third dimensional morals vary from ethnic area to ethnic area and from time period to time period. The biggest problem that I perceive is not being aware that certain moralistic behaviors and actions can upset other individuals. For example, being considerate of other people. Let us take a behavior that is quite common, loud music. Let us take classical music. Classical music for some people is very irritating and very annoying. It is morally wrong to force an individual's music on somebody else. By turning the decibel level to an irritating level is not only noise pollution but morally wrong as well. This creates disharmony, disharmony leads to other problems. And in doing so, the morals get rubbed, inflamed and people get on their high horse and create problems which creates more disharmony and therefore interaction becomes a negative characteristic. How to advance to a more harmonic level takes patience, skill, persuasion and in yourself being at harmony. Being in tune that creates the necessary vibrational frequency for you to confront the problem without getting angry, irritated or annoyed. Such mental patterns do take practice.

Comparing the two, there are no comparisons, that is impossible to do. Trying to be aware and advance to a sixth dimensional consciousness is the goal that I am trying to lay the groundwork for. For me to force my will, my moral ideas and my principles of advancing to this goal is wrong. I can lay out the pattern and leave it up to you, whether you wish to perceive it or not is your choice, the choice is there for you. It is not there for enforcement, it is there for your choice and your choice alone leading you hopefully to a path that I perceive as being harmonic for you. It is wrong to force the will of individuals of a majority. It is up to the individuals to accept and to learn what is right and wrong so that their harmony can help them advance. In conclusion, morals are important. Learning the morals that are necessary for advancement to help you on a spiritual pathway is the goal, the objective. How you achieve those morals varies from individual to individual. But it is important to remember that interaction with harmony is important to achieve the correct moral values. I think this ties in very nicely with last week's dissertation. Shorter certainly, more informative certainly. Do you have any questions?

Russ: a couple, yes. First off, wouldn't an individual's color scheme as for example blue painted walls force a change over the group as a whole?

Omal: yes.

Russ: okay. Just wondering about some individual who painted the corner bar up on the base.

(an establishment near Mark, Kiri and Tia's apartment)

Russ: as being a sixth dimensional perhaps not quite.......

Omal: that was a prank.

Russ: oh I understand that but I'm sure it was grasped as a enjoyable learning experience as a group as a whole which would be found in sixth dimensional terms.

Omal: correct. It is necessary to remember humor is an important growing tool. The fact that it did irritate some individuals, but a lot of individuals found it quite amusing. The color blue was not my most tasteful color to choose. I personally would have chosen a pastel pink.

Russ: well I was just thinking that you brought up the point of loud music, well this is sort of the same kind of thing.

Omal: yes, loud colors. Yes but that was done and I believe that the group did see the humor necessary in letting off steam for certain hairy individuals.

(the Wookies on the base)

Russ: indeed.

Omal: the people involved with the prank on the pranksters side also learned. What did they learn? They learned that the best laid plans of individuals sometimes is waylaid by a hair.

(a Wookie hair gave away who were the pranksters)

Omal: next question please.

Russ: all right, can we use your addition to your last week's dissertation about your keywords as being a part of your message overall in the webpage?

Omal: any references to the message that I'm trying to give out to.......

Russ: certain individuals.

Omal: certain individuals must not be mentioned.

Russ: correct but written it in the way that this is a puzzle to be worked out for growth.....

Omal: no.

Russ: ahh.

Omal: that is for certain individuals.

Russ: so there is no way I can use that thing.

Omal: correct.

Russ: that is just what I wanted to find out. All right, now let's look over if I could the differences between the two forms of living and break them down a little bit if I could.

Omal: okay.

Russ: alright, now obviously we cannot compare the two.......

Omal: no.

Russ: but from a third dimensional way of living, we see on an individual basis many people attempting a sixth dimensional way of living even unconsciously throughout our daily lives.

Omal: that is a desire for the glimpse that once was seen.

Russ: right, for example, I myself today had a quite a startling revelation of that same nature thanks to Karra.....

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and I admit I have a little bit of help there but I mean other people also get the same relevations so it's......

Omal: relevations?

Russ: revelations.

Omal: okay.

Russ: so perhaps it is a way that people are adding them up, helped them in their growth patterns.

Omal: yes but is also if you look at it if you look at it from other side, being tolerant of noise.......

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: being tolerant of the behavior of those individuals making the noise. So both parties need to compromise. One has to be tolerant and not get offended and the other one has to considerate of the other people's threshold to the noise.

Russ: well, on a sixth dimensional way, it's hard to see that happening down here but perhaps the change will be coming along.

Omal: hopefully yes.