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(In this lesson, Omal and I discuss the secret government within agencies like the FBI, CIA, MI5 and the Russians and how each spy on each other using remote viewing. The base's monitoring of the efforts of those agencies he informs us is much more entertaining than what is found in our media.) 

Russ: okay, last one for this evening will be remote viewing.

Omal: okay.

Russ: okay. "Lest anyone be confused, what is termed remote viewing is simply telepathy, a natural and fairly common occurrence among mankind and animals who call the earth their home. Telepathy is intrinsic to life but only about 10% of the human population has enough native capacity to take note of it. Those with native capacity soon learn they can anticipate phone calls from friends, anticipate and guard against personal attacks and seem to intuitively understand what their loved ones need and want. The government has never failed to use telepathy to accomplish whatever they might consider their ends but after observing the seamless way aliens could work together without a word spoken, the issue got hot. As MJ12 was in those days heavily dominated by the CIA, they took the topic and affected their goals, or the goals of the operation with their own twist. Remote viewing under the CIA's auspices was not done to simply garner intelligence on legitimate government security concerns. It was used to invade privacy, secure blackmail material, assist break-ins and thefts, amuse agents who wanted to snoop for personal reasons and keep tabs on rival government agencies. When the operation failed to curtail enemy actions due to complete lack of awareness of enemy plans and failure to predict, it ostentatiously was shut down. As with all bureaucracy enclaves, it sought to perpetuate itself by reinventing its goals. Remote viewing would become a handy disinformation tool, impressing the public with what might seem to be an ability to read minds and therefore spread disinformation as valid facts garnered through telepathy. To ensure a gullible public will believe, the remote viewing track record is supported by information supplied by the CIA."

Omal: okay, there are too many contradictions in that to list, too many. Let us pick four key topics.

Russ: okay.

Omal: telepathy, telepathy is the exchange of information from one mind to another. Actually on this point they are close to the mark, there are a number of people on your planet that do exchange information telepathically. They are also able to hear and receive and pick up the mind thoughts of other people. This is true and correct. Okay, let us look on remote viewing, they describe it as telepathy but viewing suggests using vision. Vision suggests seeing, not reading people's minds. Reading people's minds falls under the first category of telepathy. Viewing is something totally different. It is something that you do not do with your ears but with your eyes. In this case you are using your mind's eyes or your third eye to be able to view and see what is going on. How can this, something that you do with your eye or your mind's eye, be something that you do with your mind's ears? This is very confusing and hard to understand unless you look at it closer. By making a statement that remote viewing is telepathy, is designed to confuse, to smear and fudge the issues so that it looks silly and hard to believe and therefore is easily as they put it discarded. Remote viewing is fact, a better way to describe it is astral traveling or far sighting. As that suggests, you see something from afar, you view it from afar, you travel in your astral form. All things that you do without using your mind's ears. Governmental agencies using these abilities, sadly this does happen. It happens in such a way that it can be almost kind of comical to watch. One group snooping on the other group assuming the other group does not have this ability and in actual fact it does. It is very funny for the outside observer to watch, the silly precautions they take in an almost paranoid fit to snoop on the other party. The parties involved, the CIA, FBI and various other rogue agencies, go through a regular song and dance snooping at each other. What is even more funny to watch is the KGB and other Soviet or former Soviet organizations that go through the same routine as well as trying to snoop on their counterparts in the US and other countries that also run similar projects. This is quite hilarious to watch from the outside and very entertaining. Personally I prefer it more than watching some of your entertainment devices on your communication system. Lastly, disinformation given out in a confusing form. My previous statement is designed to emphasize the silliness of the wording in this situation. I worded it in such a way that it is difficult to understand as an example of how you can say very little by saying quite a lot. To recover position three, basically what is happening is that you have a number of organizations that are aware that each organization has the ability. They work together from time to time as a team but like to keep tabs on each other by employing individuals that can astral travel and individuals that can pick up on other people's minds and transmit that information to a relay individual. Thank you.

Russ: thank you Omal.

Omal: did you enjoy that little silly commentary in part three?

Russ: that was very enjoyable.

John: interesting.

Russ: it will read good on the webpage I can tell.

Omal: and you put it in your, I described it, you do not put in the last bit underneath that bit. That comes later because it is designed to make it, people will go, "huh?" And then when they read that, they will understand what I'm saying.

Russ: yeah it will go in word-for-word.

Omal: thank you.

Russ: thank you.