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(Tia gives an extremely long and detailed explanation of the secret government and how it works. She confirms how elections are influenced by the secret government and she confirms how all of it is important for our next evolutionary advancement.) 

Tia: so who is electing the president?

Russ: the secret government.

Tia: no, well yes but who is being......doing the footwork?

Russ: yeah but who controls the media? That’s the question to be asked.

Tia: uh-huh. Well the media is one of these entities that controls itself and does what it feels it wants to. But the thing is that the people are being manipulated by the popular press. They’re the ones….

Russ: yeah but you just said they're independent.

Tia: yeah they’re independent, they are electing the president. Not you the people, not the secret government……well the secret government is, it’s just that they happen to have two very close agendas. The secret government and the press have a very close agenda. Okay now…….

Russ: well let’s look at this real quick.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay if you’re in the media.....

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay let’s say you’re Robert Murdoch okay or better yet……

Tia: Rupert Murdoch.

Russ: Rupert, better yet, let’s take Turner.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay?

Tia: Frankie Turner.

Russ: now, he owns CNN.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: one of the world’s most looked to sources for news okay?

Tia: uh-huh and the most liberalist.

Russ: all right, well let’s say okay, now you’re assuming then that Turner is independent.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, now if that’s the case and you’re the secret government, then how do you influence someone like Turner to report news you want him to report?

Tia: you don’t have to, he is like Kennedy, an elitist right?

Russ: right.

Tia: and it just so happens that the elite establishment is what secret government wants right?

Russ: right.

Tia: so, you feed them information, they go on their sweet way right? They don’t realize that they’re being manipulated, they’re not that smart.

Russ: well then how come the Republicans got elected then, what was the agenda there? You know Reagan, Bush years?

Tia: Reagan, Bush years?

Russ: yeah, that wasn’t an elitist government by a long shot, it was a conservative government for 12 years.

Tia: yes, when it comes to Republicans right? They like a nice strong army right? They like a lot of free enterprise which also helps the secret government because they get more money for their budgets and stuff.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: you see?

Russ: so why change to a Democratic then?

Tia: because with a Democrat society right? With a Democrat leader, you can get away with more. With one you get the money right? Let’s say next time, next election they need more money right?

Russ: right.

Tia: because the Democrats have cut their budget right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: so what you do? You need more money? You need to get it from the government, what you do?

Russ: be a Republican.

Tia: that’s right.

Russ: but, what I have to worry about though is if we have a two-year window here before everything starts happening, then why is the secret government getting ready to start that? Doesn’t it seem like that would be going against their aims or are they even in control of that?

Tia: I think it’s something that has got beyond their control or it is possible that it is exactly what they are planning for, chaos and mayhem.

Russ: well that’s two separate opposites.

Tia: yeah but chaos and mayhem right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: would benefit them tremendously correct?

Russ: hmmm, it seems they would lose their power base.

Tia: no, they would gain more power because they would be able to manipulate various groups and individuals against each other right?

Russ: yeah.

Tia: and infiltrate into those groups so therefore they would have much more of a controlling opportunity. Now if you go the other way right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: where they are free to do their own thing, again they get more control. You see they’re on a win-win situation except if you come with a third possibility. Right is that the people get pissed off right? And just destroy the government.

Russ: right.

Tia: therefore they’re out of business but the people won’t do that. You see the people like the Democrats at the moment because it’s got to the point where it is no longer ask what you can do for your……..no longer ask your country what it can do for you but you can do for your country. It’s now become ask what your country can do for you.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: do you know that if I lived down there right? With my children, my children would pay 80% of their money into taxes by the time that they retire. 80% of the money that they earn will be taken away in taxes.

Russ: but those taxes are returned to them in various ways though.

Tia: name one.

Russ: police force.

Tia: name another.

Russ: fire department.

Tia: name another, don’t think locally.

Russ: okay, Medicaid, Medicare.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: Social Security.

Tia: no, no. Do you know that 60% of your current money that you pay in taxes to Social Security is not going into your retirement fund? It’s paying those people that are already retired. You’re only going to get 40% back if that.

Russ: well we’re not be around to see that anyway.

Tia: that’s beside the point, what about those people that will be?

Russ: they won’t be, they’re getting it now and after that it’s not going to matter one way or another.

Tia: because there won’t be any welfare.

Russ: right.

Tia: okay now, why is it that your press reports the Republican plan on the welfare reform as cuts when nothing was cut?

Russ: it makes it easier for the person to understand.

Tia: but that’s a total lie, that is a total lie, nothing was cut.

Russ: right, we've discussed this.

Tia: yeah but I’m saying that I’m having a hard time understanding your society. I think the felines need to go out, I’ll pause the tape.

Russ: just hit that red button again.

Tia: this one?

Russ: yeah.

Tia: okay.

Russ: okay, now let me ask you a question Tia.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: all right, what does it do to discuss what will happen and why is it happening and putting stuff down when in fact we know that what is to happen is to help us make the next evolutionary advancement? Therefore anything that is happening good or bad is all good, it’s perfect for the future.

Tia: okay, you know what’s going on, I know what’s going on.

Russ: correct.

Tia: Mark knows what’s going on and a few individuals know what’s going on right?

Russ: right.

Tia: what about those that don’t? Say for example let me think……somebody from the chat room right?

Russ: okay.

Tia: they go to your page right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: and they find out what’s going on. How does it relate to them in their third dimensional mindset?

Russ: it makes them prepare.

Tia: that’s right. So by going over it and explaining it again and again right? Of what is possibly going to happen, then they are prepared but they cannot prepare themselves in a spiritual way so we have to nudge them into doing things that will prepare them in a different way. By looking at it and saying, “okay, Bob Dole did this, Bill Clinton did this, Bob Dole did this, Bill Clinton did that." You see, it gives them the options and the facts of what is really going on. Not what the press and the secret government wants them to think, but what really is.

(Tia says something to a cat in the room in Duronedunn)

Russ: but now we’re not going at this from a spiritual point of view either.

Tia: uh-hmm.

Russ: why not?

Tia: for the simple reason that you have to look at different spiritual organizations right? And you have to come up with a neutral ground. A neutral ground is very important.

Russ: okay, now back to my original question.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: even those people who don’t have the preparedness, let’s say they’ve never seen our webpage, they don’t have any clue of what’s going on which is a vast majority of the people on the planet, don’t they at some point become aware and learn the same things we’re going to learn?

Tia: yes eventually, eventually but in the meantime you have to explain it to them in a different way where they will understand it. You see it’s not just a thousand people that have been to your webpage right?

Russ: right.

Tia: it is a thousand people that have been there plus the people they have told. They may have told two, three people so it’s no longer a thousand, you’re talking 4,000 and maybe that 4,000 has talked to another thousand so that’s 5,000 people that do not have access but are aware. So you have to lay it out in such a way that it is plain, no reference of spirituality right?

Russ: right.

Tia: so that they can understand it and process it and go, “huh”. You see what I’m saying?

Russ: right and all I can see is that everything that is going to happen is supposed to happen.

Tia: yeah, we’ve covered that and we've explained that but we’re helping them to look at the options, to give them a.....…they're at a junction right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: which road do they take? Let’s say the palm of Mark’s hand here is the main road right?

Russ: right.

Tia: and these are all the alternate roads right?

Russ: five fingers.

Tia: yeah. Okay, only one of these roads leads in the right way, we’ve got to point them without interfering to the one that leads down the right road.

Russ: correct.

Tia: so we have to word it so they’ll understand it and make them think and increase their chances of picking the right road. If they don’t pick the right road, it’s going to be longer for them. You see, we’re caught in a very unique position that we have to choose whether or not we interfere totally by saying, “no, you’re going in the wrong direction, this is what you have to do.” Or by staying out and supplying information but having the information pointing in the direction that they need to go.

Russ: but at the same time a person out of those five fingers let’s say is shown the right path.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: saying, "these other four aren’t going to work." Okay? “This middle path here that you pick or that is there open to you is the right path.”

Tia: yeah.

Russ: which would be in your case the interference you’re talking about.

Tia: that’s right.

Russ: okay, now the person has a choice at that point to follow that path......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: or not. They also have a choice on whether following that path, they stay on the path or whether they diverge off of it.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: odds of them actually going along with your suggestion and following that path to its very end without divergence is small in the first place.

Tia: but it’s a chance we have to take.

Russ: correct so the interference that you talk about is actually really only guidance and a person has the free will to decide whether they wish to choose to be guided or whether they want to do it on their own.

Tia: yes and no, yes and no. The yes part is, yes they do have free will but if you stack the information in such a way right? It takes away that free will. For example, getting back to your newspapers and your communication devices right?

Russ: right.

Tia: they want Bill Clinton.

Russ: correct.

Tia: they report only 25% of what Mr. Dole actually says and of that 25% that they report they take all the negative.

Russ: okay.

Tia: okay, which does what?

Russ: well it puts a distinctly negative slant on things.

Tia: exactly. Anything possibly negative they report and set up in a way that would point people in a direction to vote for Clinton.

Russ: okay but at the same time……..all right, I’ve watched C-SPAN where there is no bias involved, it’s merely a camera set up for a Dole speech.......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and I’ve watched numerous Dole speeches and my impression as is the impression of everyone who’s not just getting soundbites but who is actually watching his speeches and the debates.......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: see Dole as not very secure, not a very good speaker, not a very good politician as far as campaigning wise. He looks like he’s nervous, he looks like he can’t complete the sentence without stuttering at some point in it and he just doesn’t look as sharp as Mr. Clinton does.

Tia: he’s not polished on your communication devices.

Russ: correct.

Tia: but that means absolutely nothing when it comes to actual politics.

Russ: well the same thing that happened to the debate is happening with the voters, they don’t see a positive image being impressed out by the Republicans.

Tia: yeah but the thing is that Dole has a lot more political experience than Clinton will ever have. He knows how to make things happen, he has around him some very good individuals right? That have been painted absolutely horribly by the press. They are running in fear that these people will be elected because if they are elected, their good times are over.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: with this current administration, your government has actually stepped backwards. It’s not going forward, it’s not preparing for the next century. There's all this Internet access for every school child, condoms for everybody but the morals are going. The morals are what would keep the country on its path to prosperity and be able to handle the upcoming events. With the lack of morals right? The fact that it’s become immoral for a six-year-old child to kiss another six-year-old child or for a teenager to bring headache tablets to school, drug policy you see or to bring a steak knife to cut up chicken or one of many things. No longer can the children read the books that they learn from, the books have to be politically correct, the books have to be censored, the books have to be……all these things you haven’t looked into right, what's going on in the schools?

Russ: uh-hmm.

Tia: because you don’t have children. I have, I’ve looked into them. I wouldn’t want my children going to any of your schools. They’ve taken away the punishment methods to stop wrongdoing. You know a child gets into more trouble for bringing aspirin to school than a child bringing a firearm to school.

Russ: that’s a little bit extreme, no they don’t.

Tia: oh yes they do.

Russ: she’s got suspended.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: you bring a firearm to school, you get arrested.

Tia: no, a child actually did do that, brought the firearm to school, they had a search right? The child was suspended. It was repealed by the courts because it was an illegal search. That child got nothing, suspended for a day that brought the firearm to their school because it was an illegal search.

Russ: yeah but look at the reputation the kid’s going to get from this point on. I mean he’s got to live with that for the rest of his school term but that’s irrelevant to what were actually talking about.

Tia: no, it is what is happening to the rest of your society.

Russ: yes but it’s only temporary due to the fact that the changes we’re talking about will take place in two years whether or not……

Tia: Russ, the changes that are going to happen, are going to be real nasty and these things that are happening now are a prime example of what is going to happen. The sheer idiotic differences in a child bringing aspirin and a child bringing a handgun, one get suspended, the other one gets no trouble whatsoever.

Russ: but Tia, we talk about this every week okay? But the point of fact is that we are……there is nothing that’s going to change from what is going to happen now than what is different from what you are talking about. In two weeks the same president is going to be reelected.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay? Everything that we’re talking about doesn’t matter due to the fact that……

Tia: it does matter, it does matter. That is the reason why things are going the way that they are, the words that you just said explain a lot. It doesn’t matter, it does matter.

Russ: why? Because we can change it?

Tia: yes.

Russ: how?

Tia: by getting people motivated, getting people prepared. That’s what we’re trying to do with the webpage is to get them prepared.

Russ: which is what we’re doing.

Tia: uh-huh.