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(Tia explains how the secret government is made up of career civil servants who actually hold the reigns of power due to their ability to pull the strings from behind the scene. She poses a theoretical example of Alan Greenspan being manipulated for the end result of influencing the market one way or another.) 

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: hello. We're online, we’re live, center stage?

Russ: not quite but we’re getting there.

Tia: what do you mean not quite?

John: yeah, we’re online.

Russ: really? Okay, bonus.

Tia: bonus, what’s bonus mean? It means extra right?

John: extra, yeah.

Tia: oh okay.

John: yeah if there’s a bonus it means there’s extra.

Tia: uh-huh okay. Well, here we are once again gathered together with Mark having a slight cold in the nose. Where should we start? What do you want to know?

John: stock market.

Tia: stock market. Well it went up 34 points today after having gone down in the past two weeks approximately 250 points.

Russ: so it's starting to rebound.

Tia: not necessarily, not necessarily.

John: it’s a slight increase after a big decline basically.

Tia: no it’s not an increase, it’s a recovery.

John: okay.

Tia: an increase suggests that it made back the 250 points that is lost and then added 34 more which is not the case.

John: okay yeah, yeah.

Tia: so, what can we draw from this little bit of information that it has lost close to 220 points?

Russ: it’s a steep decline instead of a sharp drop?

Tia: uh-huh so that’s why we’re using the formula okay?

Russ: okay, so how many points are we now at?

Tia: we’re at 28 I believe. Any time it’s over 25 points or under its a half a point. What we can deduce from this current decline is that things are happening not exactly as we predicted which is good. I don’t like being right all the time, in fact I don’t like being right on these matters at all half the time but, the fact remains that there is a decline. Now after the boom of the first week and a half of the reelection of the president things looked real rosy and good. It climbed basically 300 points in that first week and half. Now, it's doing a course correction and has dropped 220 points which means that we have 80 more points to drop before it’s back to what it was prior to the election.

John: now didn't Greenspan’s announcement make a difference in this?

Tia: oh yes it did, it did most certainly and it shows how tenuous the stock market really is. The fact that your U.S. stock market reacted to somebody’s words in such a negative and violent way of 158 points is of much concern to me. Now…..

John: yeah but I mean that’s nothing that’s new, I mean you’re not talking about anything that’s new, I mean this has been going on for a long time on this planet.

Tia: yeah but somebody that is supposed to be financially astute and goes along and says something like that knowing full well of the ramifications shows that he is not the ideal person to keep A, keep his mouth shut and B, to be in charge of the Federal Reserve due to the fact that he can’t keep his mouth shut. And the possibility percolates through the market that maybe he’s not the most competent person to be in charge of the federal reserve.

John: yeah but I don’t make the decision, we have nothing to do with that.

Tia: no but what I’m saying is, that these things happen for a reason and the reason is that people in the stock market are becoming aware of the fact that these people that are in charge aren’t in charge. When they’re given that little bit of freedom by their masters, they tend to make silly comments and rash mistakes and the question is who is in charge? And the stock market at the moment is wondering who is really in charge of the Federal Reserve.

John: Greenspan.

Tia: he is a figurehead as we’ve covered before about the secret governments, they are the people really in charge. He’s not in charge, he is the figurehead. It is like who is in charge of Heavenly?

John: Mark Crocker.

Tia: yes probably he is really but....or who is in charge of Great Britain?

John: who is?

Tia: who is the leader of Great Britain?

John: well it's supposed to be the Prime Minister….

Tia: uh-huh.

John: I don’t even know the guy’s name.

Russ: John Major.

John: John Major?

Tia: but the actual person who is in charge of the government regardless of whether it is John Major or what’s his name Blair is Queen Elizabeth. But she’s not, she is a figurehead, she is in charge of nothing, she does what the government tells her to do. Who is in charge of the Japanese country?

Russ: the Prime Minister is supposed to be.

Tia: that’s right but the Emperor it’s his government you see? Now the thing here is who is in charge of your government?

John: well it’s definitely not Clinton.

Tia: exactly, so anybody in his cabinet right? Is therefore a figurehead. So anybody in charge of any department such as the Federal Reserve is basically a figurehead. As we have stated before in the past, the people that actually run the government are the people that are civil servants that have worked there their whole entire life. They are the ones that serve their masters as they call them but they are not their masters, they are the masters of the masters even though they're the servants of the masters. So you see what I’m saying? So these servants give their masters a little bit of leeway to have a little bit of free will and they go along and say something along the lines of what I've said and in turn what happens is that these individuals say these things and confidence is lost in them, their government and their political setup and the market does a runner. Now the question I have, and maybe I can extrapolate from this is, what if Greenspan read from his speech what was prepared for him to say and those in the government that are the servants of their masters deliberately set him up to say these things so that they could make a quick profit on what was said?

John: yeah, I imagine that’s possible but that's speculation at best.

Tia: I’d say that’s quite likely, think about it right? Certain stocks are going great guns, you cause a panic right? And they sell off approximately 200 points. Now, you get out your money and you've been a civil servant and you’re in your let's say 40's and 50's right? And you’re thinking about retirement. What do you do? You get your master to say something that’s going to depress the price of the market, the market takes a nosedive, at a particular point you invest, put in all your life savings as it were and then you set your master up to say something that’s going to really get the market roller coastering upwards or sky rocketing upwards.

Russ: aren’t you kind of using master in a contradictory term?

Tia: yes I am, I’m glad you spotted that. You see, they are supposedly the guys in charge but they’re not. In this connotation, the term master, I’m using it more as a puppet, a figurehead. You see these political civil servants use their masters, they use them very well and very effectively so you see, they’re not really in charge so ergo it doesn’t matter who is in charge.