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(Wing Commander Taal is escorting two shuttles of the ski team to Sirius and then Centauri Base where the races are to be held that year. It’s his second honeymoon and will be taking along Katrina and their child for some fun on the slopes.) 

Russ: so what's your next mission?

Taal: I will be escorting on Wednesday a group of two vessels….

Russ: uh-huh.

Taal: to Sirius. I will be returning with said group a week later.

Russ: a ski team I believe.

Taal: yes.

Russ: on route to the skiing.

Taal: we are part of honor guard.

Russ: excellent, so you get to go to the races.

Taal: yes, I am not competing.

Russ: too bad. How’s Katrina doing?

Taal: she is going also…..we are having......

Russ: excellent.

Taal: you would say second honeymoon?

Russ: ahh, I take it she’s one of the shuttle pilots?

Taal: yes.

Russ: ahh, lucky guess.

Taal: yes, it is the only chance that she has had to fly in over a year.

Russ: yes but she’s…..the child’s growing well.

Taal: yes.

Russ: she doesn’t have to be running inventories in the hangers anymore, she should be able to fly isn't she?

Taal: she is still ground crew, she is…..

Russ: still?

Taal: will be for another 6 to 12 months.

Russ: that must just tear her up.

Taal: yes, she is requesting to be shuttle pilot though.

Russ: that’s good, are you taking the little one with you?

Taal: yes.

Russ: excellent, good.

Taal: he will be flying with me.

Russ: ahh, his first trip to Sirius I take it?

Taal: yes.

Russ: good, good, that will be nice. What a nice vacation, second honeymoon with the child and everything.

Taal: yes.

Russ: oh fantastic. Okay, well I look forward to seeing you whenever I can, you’ll be on the base for at least until Sunday then?

Taal: until Wednesday.

Russ: Wednesday, that’s right.

Taal: we stop on Sirius to rendezvous with other ski team so we go there for big arrival display.

Russ: umm, formation flying then?

Taal: yes.

Russ: oh neat.

Taal: have always wanted to go to surface of Centauri Base.

Russ: hmm, I’ve been to Centauri Base, nice place.

Taal: looking forward.

Russ: yeah, you’ll have a good time, lots of nice things to do out there. And are you doing any recreational skiing once you get there?

Taal: yes, probably, Katrina wants to ski. She said name of mountain and she had wistful look in her eyes.

Russ: well excellent, that will be fun for you guys then. By the way, I understand my former copilot had a bit of a experience a while back.

Taal: Frisling?

Russ: yes.

Taal: yes, again. He has accident prone. His vessel still being sent for repair, has new one.

Russ: oh he has a new one?

Taal: yes.

Russ: okay, I was going to say, poor guy got jumped and everything.

Taal: glad he made it back.

Russ: well that’s good.

Taal: as I said, no such thing as bad pilot.

Russ: bad pilot.

Taal: thank you, dismissed.

Russ: farewell Taal.

John: thank you.